3 Things Happen When You Start To Meditate

girl in scarf

Yogi Bhajan said that when you start to practice Kundalini Yoga Meditation, 3 things happen to people.

  • They begin to dress differently.
  • They begin to act differently.
  • Their family changes.

Here is visual proof of how a family starts to change, from several moms who have taken my Christ-centered Kundalini Yoga Meditation webinar.

mom and son meditating


Here are some of their testimonials about the other changes:

“My experience with this meditation challenge has been life changing. I feel like I want to shout it from the roof tops, “People! World! You’re lives are out of control and this will change everything!” I was starting from a very dark place in my life. My soul was spiraling downward and I had lost all desire to live. I wasn’t suicidal, but I was done trying and would have rather laid in bed. I knew this was wrong, and crazy and I also knew that medications were not going to solve my problems. I was very skeptic during the first meeting when I heard that this meditation can actually change your character, but I’m living proof that this is true. I feel happy. I feel in control of my thoughts and myself. I feel God with me and showing me He loves all day long. I feel a greater capacity to love others. The neuro-pathways in my brain have been rebuilt and I no longer consider myself a pessimistic person. I have loved this life altering experience and I am so enthralled that I am looking forward to studying more and learning more. I don’t ever see a reason for not meditating every day. I would be afraid not to!”

– Chublis Adams

“I started this meditation seminar a bit hesitant cause meditation is so foreign to me. I really know very little of any eastern practices but felt super compelled to learn more and begin meditating. So I did! The first week I felt a bit silly just cause meditation is not something I grew up with. But once I started seeing its fruits I am definitely an avid meditation practicer!! My husband told me that whatever I had been doing he has noticed a large increase in my testimony and presence when he comes home. I most surely have noticed it. I feel peaceful, centered, and an endless supply of energy each day to accomplish what is most important. I have eliminated addictive thought patterns and behaviors and will continue my meditation practice the rest if my life because of how it has transformed me inside and out. I am happier and my heart is more open to love and gods will. It is absolutely beautiful. I just love this path I have got started on with the help of the tools and insights that Felice taught in her seminars. My next step is getting my husband to meditate with me! With the growth we have seen in my life, what would our life and marriage look like if we both were practicing together! So exciting! I can’t wait to see what else heals and transforms in me through the rest of my life as I feel God and my true self through the practice of meditation.”
– Kylie Power, Utah
“Before doing this mediation webinar I had trouble with sexual intimacy in my marriage. It was hard for me to be that vulnerable, even with my husband. At first I didn’t even notice that I was changing, it was gradual but it happened and it is wonderful. I didn’t to anything extra outside of the mediation, I simply mediated. As I got closer to our Savior through this mediation I also became closer to my husband. I was able to be more open with him and honest. I was able to share the sexual preferences that I had previously kept from him. We explored our sexuality more through sites like Porn BL to help us find new ways to keep our sex exciting. My communication skills in our marriage have miraculously changed for the better and I am so thankful!”
– Name Withheld

I just wanted to share that I definitely have noticed a difference after doing kirtan kirya. I am 38 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow… and I have actually had energy and when people ask how I am feeling I can honestly say, “I don’t have any complaints.” Of course, when I put off the meditation until the end of the day I feel less good then when I start my day with meditation.

– Tanya Maeser, Austrailia

My favorite thing so far about meditation is the way it affects my prayers. I pray aloud after I meditate and I’ve noticed that the tone of my voice has changed to something stronger. Also, I feel like I am given what I should pray for. Twice this week I have prayed for things I’ve never thought to pray about before. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the possibility that something so subtle can make such a drastic change but I’m loving it so far!

– Janae Hutchison, Utah

During this morning’s meditation (at 3am, after a bad dream) I had a small glimpse of the Lord’s plan … I can’t really put it into words, but I’m really grateful I took the time to meditate after that dream.

– Sarah Cooksley, England, UK

This spring Felice and I completed a 60ish day meditation that was epic and changed my life. I am a complete believer in the power and clarity that comes from daily Kundalini practice. I LOVE it.

– Emily Stevens, Utah

Short progress report: I have been healing my asthma with my meditation. I have been practicing breathing deeper and breathing with my nose and not my mouth and as long as I do it consistently I haven’t had any symptoms and haven’t had to take my daily medicine either. Also I have been way less negative.

– Sierra Orr

Meditating has helped me feel balance and joy in my life. I feel extremely close to Heavenly Father when I take time to meditate. I was asked once if the meditating made the difference, with the mantras and mudras or if it was something else. I don’t know, but I do know that chanting the mantras and doing the mudras helps me be still. I always have to be moving something in my body and doing repetitive movements, and chanting praises to God help me focus and be still. I then have the ability to listen to what Heavenly Father wants me to hear, and feel what He wants me to feel.

Another thing that I have noticed is that I am in control a lot more of my emotions. I am not as likely to loose my temper. I was getting sick the other day and I could tell that something was really wrong in my body because I could tell that my temper and my emotions were not responding the way they normally do and I couldn’t control everything but I didn’t feel guilt or frustration when things weren’t going my way.
I strongly recommend meditating in any form to take time to listen to God and to feel His Love. I really love meditating with Kirtan Kirya and would recommend it to anyone.

– Beth Hughes, Indianna

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