Six Tips to Actually Harness the Power of Your Family History for Amazing Results – Episode 11

I am so excited to share the second half of our interview with Stephanie Bennion from @lightuntolighthomeschool on Instagram.

Powerful Feeling of Love

In this episode, she shares that while she didn’t have any specific manifestations of her ancestors at the birth, except for a powerful feeling of love, which she felt was their presence, that the support they gave her through her pregnancy was invaluable.

She also shares a wonderful experience she had at roots tech, with her unborn daughter.

6 tips to help you harness the power of your family history.

  1. Look at the details of your ancestor, their birth date, death date, marriage, siblings… all these little details can actually help you to better understand their story.
  2. Look at the historical context of when they were living.
  3. Read stories about them and/or gather stories.
  4. Find one person and really dive deep into him/her.
  5. Get your children involved. I love how she talked about how she did this.
  6. Download pictures of them! Seeing their faces helps to bring them to life.