Actual Not Virtual Book Tour – And YOU Can Be Part Of It

The Gift of Giving Life, the book, while it may like your bookshelf, and being read by you and your friends, longs to see the world and your life. It does have life in the title after all. And we’d like to see what your life is like. So take the book with you on a tour of your town or of your day or your awesome vacation. Take pics and post them on FB, Instagram or Twitter. Be sure to use the hash tag #TGOGLonTour and tag us on FB and Twitter. We will reshare our favorites and once a week or once every two weeks, whenever our mom lives allow, we will post some on our blog and give away our stack of miscellaneous but awesome prizes.Here are few samples from my life today. I was actually feeling kind of grumpy this morning until I looked at all these pictures and realized that my life is pretty awesome. So take the book along to remind yourself too. xo!
#TGOGLonTour overlooking the Ojai valley.
#TGOGLonTour about to do a backflip into the pool.
#TGOGLonTour taking a nap in the hammock

#TGOGLontour. Playing the gong.

#TGOGLonTour. Running from a T-Rex!!!

#TGOGLonTour. At Reese Witherspoon’s house. She’s not home.

#TGOGLonTour. Proselytizing to a sheep.

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