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Tender Mercies

It was difficult, as we were finalizing our book’s contents, to choose which of the many wonderful spiritual stories we had received would be included. We consoled ourselves, however, as we made those difficult decisions, with the assurance that we would post the extra stories here on our website. The following is one of those tender stories.

Giving the gift of life is sometimes a partnership between two mother hearts—a birth mother yearning for a loving home for the child in her womb and another mother eagerly awaiting the child she has “grown” within her heart. I hope you enjoy Judith’s story of the adoption of her second son as much as I did. —Lani

Giveaway Winner!

We apologize for the delay in announcing the winner of our recent giveaway. A huge thank you to all those who entered for your priceless help in spreading the word about The Gift of Giving Life. Please keep spreading the word!

And now… without further ado, congratulations to…

Born again

By Lani Axman Lately I’ve been pondering a lot on all of the things I need to teach my children before they grow up and leave the house (how to cook, how to sew, etc.). So, as I approached my scripture reading yesterday, I had the teaching of children in the forefront of my mind. …

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Jam to Lamb

Two years ago tomorrow, I got a life-changing email from a lovely woman named Felice Austin. It started like this… Dear Lani, I got your name and email from Martha. She said that you are a fellow birth loving mamma. My name is Felice Austin and I am writing a spiritual birth book titled The …

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