30 Babies In Search Of A Willing Mother

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Recently, through fasting, I discovered some generational issues with deprivation. So, today I had a friend guide me in some therapeutic imagery journey, and as I was carried away in the spirit, Jesus Christ stepped in and healed all the “deprived” issues in one of my family lines. As I was finishing the journey I was taken unexpectedly to a garden, where there were about 30 babies (they hijacked my journey). I could feel their pain and sadness and it was more than I could bear. I called Jesus to come quickly and heal them!

He came and his light began to heal them all, but he wanted me to sit next to some of them and help with the healing. So I sat there and I understood that all of these babies were cast off babies from my line (going way back). Castaways is a term coined by Sarah Hinze for souls who are aborted or otherwise blocked from their entry into the world. Lani has written a lot about them and I have some experience with working with them and healing them. Many of these souls choose to keep these wounds and feelings of abandonment and memories of their first womb experience so that when (and if) they get another opportunity to come through the same or another mother, they can help alert the world to what is happening with these millions of souls.

Castaways are all over the place. There is one in almost every family.  The human family may have gotten messed up in the last few thousand years, but God is so merciful and can fix anything. And I have found imagery to be so powerful, especially when you understand that the imagination is more real than reality.

So I sat next to some of these children, I could feel their sweet love and their desire to come and one of them looked right into my eyes and asked me to find them all parents. One of them reminded me of Lena and how I had helped her find her parents through adoption. Her story is here.

I saw all these beautiful children and that they were healed and full of joy now and that they would not have some of the special needs that castaways usually have, because these children were healed. I got very happy for them and excited and so I agreed to help them find parents. And as anyone knows, agreements are important to be kept. So this is an invitation. If you want a bonus baby, let God know and ask if you can have one of these 30 or so that are hanging out in a beautiful garden waiting. Some of them still have work to do here. Some of them just need bodies and so won’t stay for long, which may be a happy or sad thing, depending on how you look at it….

This is such an exciting time to bringing children into the world and we now have more connection than ever before in this hastened age. In fact, at the retreat I taught January 3 in Salt Lake City I heard from 6 different people that their unborn child came to them and told them they we re there. Some of them had amazing experience with these spirits, who took away their fear, healed their pain. In fact, two awesome women recorded their experience and you can listen to it on this podcast. I absolutely adore this story and it’s fun to listen to the two sisters talk.

P.s. If you think you do have a castaway baby, they may need a lot of care and healing. Or if you are one, I have created this special healing journey for castaways that you can download here on my new podcast. It’s so new that I haven’t announced it yet. But I plan to be sharing lots more fun stuff about imagery and an occasional free journey. I might even get my lovely co-author Lani to co-host it with me. Lani has a great imagination. 🙂


Embracing and Sneezing. Two Healing Powers

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More than a year ago I read a story in 2 Kings 4 that kind of blew my mind on many levels. Some of the Ah Ha’s were personal but there are also some great universals about healing and yes, about Kundalini Yoga. 🙂

I recommend reading the whole story and then reading the rest of my post. But here is the cliff notes version: Elisha (not to be confused with Elija) often passes through this one town and a Shunamite woman always invites him to eat with them. Then she convinces her husband to make a whole room for Elisha so that he can stay overnight whenever he passes through. She recognizes he is a man of God and wants to help him.

One day Elisha decides to bless her for her kindness and so he tells her within a year she will have a child. She basically says, “don’t mess with me if you don’t mean that.”

Within a year she has a son. He grows up a little–old enough to help his father with the reaping. Then he complains of a headache and goes home to lie down. He dies on his mother’s knees. The mother doesn’t tell anyone, instead she asks for the chariots to be saddled and flies as fast as they will drive to see Elisha far away on is mountain.

When she gets there, some interesting things happen. She tells the servant, who has gone out to meet her, that all is well. But as soon as she gets into Elisha’s presence, she grabs him and basically freaks out and says, why would you promise me a son and then have him die.

The servant attempts to throw her off, but Elisha says:

“Let her alone; for her soul is vexed within her: and the Lord hath hid it from me, and hath not told me.”


At that point in my life, I was recovering from a short-lived marriage and it was comforting to know that even prophets don’t always know when some one’s soul is vexed within them. Sometimes God might not tell us, for reasons of his own.

But on to the good stuff. Elisha eventually goes to the house where the boy is and performs and interesting healing. I think it is important to read it word for word here.

32 And when Elisha was come into the house, behold, the child was dead, and laid upon his bed. 33 He went in therefore, and shut the door upon them twain, and prayed unto the Lord.
34 And he went up, and lay upon the child, and put his mouth upon his mouth, and his eyes upon his eyes, and his hands upon his hands: and he stretched himself upon the child; and the flesh of the child waxed warm.
35 Then he returned, and walked in the house to and fro; and went up, and stretched himself upon him: and the child sneezed seven times, and the child opened his eyes.
36 And he called Gehazi, [his servant] and said, Call this Shunammite. So he called her. And when she was come in unto him, he said, Take up thy son.

When I read this I was fascinated by the words “stretched himself upon.” I immediately thought of two things. The first was I thought of stories I had heard about Yogi Bhajan. He was a great master, and by that I mean unlike anyone you know. He had powers. And my teachers have told stories about how he had the ability to throw his aura over people and take their stuff for them–in such cases when he knew they couldn’t work it out themselves–and he’d work it out of his own aura. It was a very Christ-like thing. [FYI don’t try it at home. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are Yogi Bhajan.] So I thought of that and wondered if that was what he was going when it says that he stretched himself. All the cross references scriptures are interesting. Elija does a similar thing in 1 Kings, and Paul raises someone from the dead by falling on him and “embracing him.”


This strikes me as some pretty advanced and also simple energy healing. It seems to me that when a highly elevated person hugs you, it can be powerful enough to raise the dead. It might take a few times of being stretched upon as it did in this story (I love that he paced in between. Almost like he was waiting for a birth. A rebirth.)

The second thing I thought of was a night a few years before when I was already on the Kundalini rocket ship and was feeling really amazing. I was lying in bed and felt a presence come and lay down on me. Not in a sexual way. More like a blanket. It was protective and loving and I thought it was the energy of someone I knew. I still don’t know who it was, but I know it was helping me. So I believe that this energy healing/stretching/embracing can come from both the physical and metaphysical realm.

The next part of the passage that I found super interesting was that the boy sneezed 7 times and then opened his eyes and sat up.

I feel like nothing in the scriptures is extra. Why would it mention this? I had all kinds of hypothesis at the time and only recently did I get the final clarity. You may not be surprised that it came from Yogi Bhajan. He was talking about sneezing and Prana.

If you don’t know, prana is that life force. It gives life to the universe. It is the Light of Christ. It is in all things without being those things. For example, it is in air without being air. When you die, you still have some air in your body but no prana.

So the boy was dead. No prana.

On of the best ways to take in more prana is by using the breath. Even though it is not air, it comes in on the air, so if you consciously take in more air, you take in more prana and more life force. Yogi Bhajan compares it to Atomic Power. It is that energy that keeps the atom alive! Most people don’t breath adequately enough and so their health declines. But some people have a large lung capacity and a store of pranic energy in the body. There is a special place in the body where you can actually store prana. It’s kind of like a metaphysical pocket in the the 8th vertebra. That vertebra is connected to the heart by way of a nerve that passes through the diaphragm.
“Your heart is just a bunch of muscles and, when the heart nerve, which comes from the eighth vertebra, must adjust the electrical energy to accommodate a change in the flow of the Ida and Pingala nerve channels, the resulting shift in praana causes you to sneeze….So if you are shy to sneeze and suppress it, you are denying the heart the electrical adjustment it needs.” – Yogi Bhajan

All along I had suspected that the seven sneezes acted like a sort of defibrillator on the boys heart. And it seems it is true. The sneezes electrically adjusted his heart. But it was the shift in prana which caused the sneezing. The shift in prana is something that must have happened miraculously through Elisha’s stretching himself on him, perhaps transferring prana into him.
“A developed pranaic cavity can give healing power: ‘Moment you will concentrate on that person and you have (control the) praanic cavity, your praanas will pass to the being. This is automatic and he will immediately feel the effect.'” – Yogi Bhajan quoted in Praana Praanee Pranayam 16-17
This reminds me of a quote from Parley P. Pratt about “spiritual fluid.” If you don’t understand praana the words “holy fluid” seem strange, but that is what he called it. It is clear to me though that he is talking about prana or the Light of Christ.

“The spiritual or holy fluid conveys itself, through certain channels, from one body to another in accordance with certain legitimate laws. The usual channel for all spiritual fluids whether holy or impure, in their operations upon the human system, or in their passage from one animal body to another is the nerves. A person commissioned of Jesus Christ and filled with this spiritual substance, can impart of the same to another, provided there is a preparation of heart and faith on the part of the receiver.” – Key to the Science of Theology 110

(FYI, If you are interested in learning more about harnessing the power of the prana, I am teaching a Breath of Life Series right now that would be a good intro if you have never done Kundalini Yoga. More info is here: www.treeoflifekundaliniyoga.com/prana.html)

A friend of mine, Lisa, pointed out that the laying on people thing reminded her of kangaroo care. She also pointed out the babies sneeze a lot. Random? Or

Here is the wiki definition of Kangaroo Care:

Kangaroo care is a technique practiced on newborn, usually preterm infants wherein the infant is held, skin-to-skin, with an adult. Kangaroo care for pre-term infants may be restricted to a few hours per day, but if they are medically stable that time may be extended. Some parents may keep their babies in-arms for many hours per day. Kangaroo care, named for the similarity to how certain marsupials carry their young, was initially developed to care for preterm infants in areas where incubators are either unavailable or unreliable.

Lisa says that kangaroo care saved her son’s life.

Do you have any stories about sneezing or about Kangaroo Care/Stretching/Embracing?


Actual Not Virtual Book Tour – And YOU Can Be Part Of It

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The Gift of Giving Life, the book, while it may like your bookshelf, and being read by you and your friends, longs to see the world and your life. It does have life in the title after all. And we’d like to see what your life is like. So take the book with you on a tour of your town or of your day or your awesome vacation. Take pics and post them on FB, Instagram or Twitter. Be sure to use the hash tag #TGOGLonTour and tag us on FB and Twitter. We will reshare our favorites and once a week or once every two weeks, whenever our mom lives allow, we will post some on our blog and give away our stack of miscellaneous but awesome prizes.Here are few samples from my life today. I was actually feeling kind of grumpy this morning until I looked at all these pictures and realized that my life is pretty awesome. So take the book along to remind yourself too. xo!
#TGOGLonTour overlooking the Ojai valley.
#TGOGLonTour about to do a backflip into the pool.
#TGOGLonTour taking a nap in the hammock

#TGOGLontour. Playing the gong.

#TGOGLonTour. Running from a T-Rex!!!

#TGOGLonTour. At Reese Witherspoon’s house. She’s not home.

#TGOGLonTour. Proselytizing to a sheep.

Miracle Birth Story of Melchizedek

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I have been thinking a lot lately about miracle births. Jesus Christ’s conception and birth are of course, the most famous and miraculous, but there are a whole lot of other miracle conceptions and births in the scriptures, and in every day lives. For example, a friend of mine has shared that her parents have no idea how she was conceived. The parents of Melchizedek evidently felt the same way, for similar reasons, however, my friend’s mother survived the ordeal.

The following story is from the second book of Enoch, which is not included in the traditional Christian canon, but is one of the few apocryphal books mentioned throughout the cannon. We could discuss why it was excluded by that early century committee at length (some LDS scholars believe it was put down because it had too much evidence of God having a physical body, which went against teachings of the time.) but we won’t do that now. Let’s just jump into the good stuff–the jaw dropping, miraculous and strange birth story of Melchizedek.  If you are familiar with bible stories, it is no more strange than many of them, but it is apocryphal, so read it with discernment. I’m not saying it is 100% factually true, but it gives one much to ponder.


meeting of abe and melchizedek


Behold, the wife of Nir, whose name was Sopanim, being sterile and never having at any time given birth to a child by Nir –

Sopanim was in the time of her old age and in the day of her death. She conceived in her womb, but Nir the priest had not slept with her. From the day that that The Lord had appointed him to conduct the liturgy in front of the face of the people.

When Sopanim saw her pregnancy, she was ashamed and embarrassed, and she hid herself during all the days until she gave birth. Not one of the people knew about it. When 282 days had been completed, and the day of birth had begun to approach, Nir remembered his wife, he called her to himself in his house, so that he might converse with her.

Sopanim came to Nir, her husband; and, behold, she was pregnant, and the day appointed for giving birth was drawing near. Nir saw her and became very ashamed. He said to her, “What is this that you have done, O wife? Why have you disgraced me in front of the face of these people? Now, depart from me and go where you began the disgrace of your womb, so that I might not defile my hand on account of you, and sin in front of The Face of The Lord.”

Sopanim spoke to her husband, Nir, saying, “O my lord! Behold, it is the time of my old age, the day of my death has arrived. I do not understand how my menopause and the barrenness of my womb have been reversed.” . Nir did not believe his wife, and for the second time he said to her, “Depart from me, or else I might assault you, and commit a sin in front of the face of The Lord.”

And it came to pass, when Nir had spoken to his wife, Sopanim, that Sopanim fell down at Nir’s feet and died. Nir was extremely distressed and said in his heart, “Could this have happened because of my word? And now, merciful is The Eternal Lord, because my hand was not upon her.”

The archangel Gabriel appeared to Nir, and said to him, “Do not think that your wife Sopanim has died because of your error, but this child, which is to be born of her is a righteous fruit, and one whom I shall receive into paradise, so that you will not be the father of a gift of God.”

Nir hurried and shut the door of his house. He went to Noah, his brother, and he reported to him everything that had happened in connection with his wife. Noah hurried to the room of his brother. The appearance of his brother’s wife was in death and her womb was at the time of giving birth.

Noah said to Nir, “Don’t let yourself be sorrowful, Nir, my brother! For The Lord today has covered up our scandal, in that nobody from the people knows this. Now let us go quickly and bury her, and The Lord will cover up the scandal of our shame.” They placed Sopanim on the bed, wrapped her around with black garments, and shut the door. They dug a grave in secret.

When they had gone out toward the grave, a child came out from the dead Sopanim and sat on the bed at her side. Noah and Nir came in to bury Sopanim and they saw the child sitting beside the dead Sopanim, wiping his clothing. Noah and Nir were very terrified with a great fear, because the child was fully developed physically, he spoke with his lips and blessed The Lord.

Noah and Nir looked at him closely, saying, “This is from The Lord, my brother.” And behold the badge of priesthood was on his chest, and it was glorious in appearance. Noah said to Nir, “Behold, God is renewing the priesthood from blood related to us, just as He pleases..”

Noah and Nir hurried and washed the child, they dressed him in the garments of the priesthood, and they gave him bread to eat and he ate it. And they called him Melchizedek .

Noah and Nir lifted up the body of Sopanim, divested her of the black garments, and washed her. They clothed her in exceptionally bright garments and built a grave for her. Noah, Nir, and Melchizedek came and they buried her publicly. Noah said to his brother Nir, “Look after this child in secret until the time, because people will become treacherous in all the earth, they will begin to turn away from God, and having become totally ignorant, and in some way when they see him, they will put him to death.”

Then Noah went away to his own place, and behold, great lawlessness began to become abundant over all the earth in the days of Nir. And Nir began to worry excessively about the child saying, “What will I do with him?” And stretching out his hands toward heaven, Nir called out to The Lord, saying, “How miserable it is for me, Eternal Lord, that all lawlessness has begun to become abundant over all the earth in my days! And I realize how much nearer our end is, on account of the lawlessness of the people. And now, Lord, what is the vision about this child, and what is his destiny, or what will I do for him, so that he too will not be joined with us in this destruction?”

The Lord heeded Nir and appeared to him in a night vision. And He said to him, “Behold already, Nir, the great lawlessness which has come about on the earth, which I shall not tolerate anymore. Behold, I plan not to send down a great destruction onto the earth. But, concerning the child, do not worry, Nir; because I, in a short while, will send My archangel Gabriel. And he will take the child and put him in the paradise of Edem.

He will not perish along with those who must perish. As I have revealed it, Melchizedek will be My priest to all holy priests, I will sanctify him and I will establish him so that he will be the head of the priests of the future.”

Nir arose from his sleep and blessed The Lord, Who had appeared to him saying:

	Blessed be The Lord, The God of my fathers,
	Who has not condemned my priesthood 
	and the priesthood of my fathers,
	because by His Word, He has created a great priest
	in the womb of Sopanim, my wife.
	For I have no descendants.
	So let this child take the place of my descendants and become as my
	own son, and You will count him in the number of your servants."

“Therefore honor him together with your servants and great priests and me your servant, Nir. And behold, Melchizedek will be the head of priests in another generation. I know that great confusion has come and in confusion this generation will come to an end, and everyone will perish, except that Noah, my brother, will be preserved for procreation. From his tribe, there will arise numerous people, and Melchizedek will become the head of priests reigning over a royal people who serve You, O Lord.”


It happened when the child had completed 40 days in Nir’s tent, The Lord said to the archangel Gabriel, “Go down onto the earth to Nir the priest, and take the child Melchizedek, who is with him. Place him in the paradise of Edem for preservation. For the time is already approaching, and I will pour out all the water onto the earth, and everything that is on the earth will perish. And I will raise it up again, and Melchizedek will be the head of the priests in that generation.” And Gabriel hurried, and came flying down when it was night, and Nir was sleeping on his bed that night. Gabriel appeared to him and said to him, “Thus says The Lord: ‘Nir! Restore the child to me whom I entrusted to you.’ ”

Nir did not realize who was speaking to him and his heart was confused. And he said, “When the people find out about the child, then they will seize him and kill him, because the heart of these people are deceitful in front of The Face of The Lord.” And he answered Gabriel and said, “The child is not with me, and I don’t know who is speaking to me.”

Gabriel answered him, “Do not be frightened, Nir! I am the archangel Gabriel. The Lord sent me and behold, I shall take your child today. I will go with him and I will place him in the paradise of Edem.”

Nir remembered the first dream and believed it. He answered Gabriel, “Blessed be The Lord, who has sent you to me today! Now bless your servant Nir! Take the child and do to him all that has been said to you.” And Gabriel took the child, Melchizedek on the same nught on his wings, and he placed him in the paradise of Edem. Nir got up in the morning, and he went into his tent and did not find the child. There was great joy and grief for Nir because had the child in place of a son.


The Lord said to Noah, “Make an ark with 300 cubits in length, in width 50 cubits and in height 30 cubits. Put the entrance to the ark in its side; and make it with two stories in the middle” The Lord God opened the doors of heaven. Rain came onto the earth and all flesh died.

Noah fathered 3 sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. He went into the ark in his six hundredth year. After the flood, he lived 350 years. He lived in all 950 years, according to The Lord our God.

To our God be Glory always, now and in the ages of the ages. AMEN.

Crazy interesting huh? Not much is said about Melchizedek in our scriptures, but for some reason he was important enough that the highest priesthood–the “Priesthood after the order of the Son of God” was re-named after him. Some people believe that he was Jesus Chris, visiting the earth before his coming in another form. I am not certain but I believe that if he was a man, he was awesome, and had elevated himself to be very much like Christ, and was a type of the Christ to come.

“For this Melchizedek, king of Salem, priest of the Most High God, met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him, 2 and to him Abraham apportioned a tenth part of everything. He is first, by translation of his name, king of righteousness, and then he is also king of Salem, that is, king of peace. 3 He is without father or mother or genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but resembling the Son of God he continues a priest forever.” (Hebrews 7:3)


I pray that we can all think about and learn more about Melchizedek, the prince of peace, as we study the scriptures and receive inspiration. Feel free to share any insights you have.

Through the grace of God,




Chainbreaking and Rebirth At Its Finest with Abe Lincoln, Joseph Smith, and More

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abe licoln

A few weeks ago I had a visit from Joseph Smith and Abraham Lincoln.  I was carried away in the spirit, or as I sometimes call it, the imagery state.  I was also in a lot of pain (epic headache) and I realized that they had come to bless me.  I was half delirious but clearly heard every word they said. My intuitive friend who was with me in the imagery state also witnessed every word.  Neither of us can repeat what they said. We try, but we just lose all the words.

Shortly thereafter, my migraine diminished and I was left to ponder the possible meanings of this visit. I knew the migraine was the result of an emotional contraction. I have been birthing another book/manual. It’s titled Awake As in Ancient Days: The Christ-Centered Kundalini Yoga Experience.  It has been a wonderful wild ride. Like TGOGL it has been divinely guided. But I have had much less time to write this one. (The Gift of Giving Life took 3 years and 5 authors—this one has been 5 months and 1 author, although I have had lots of help.)

This God-given time crunch has forced me to face some deep issues about time. Not long ago I healed some old issues about prosperity/lack when I embraced that my Dad (God) is rich, and have let him provide for me in miraculous ways. It would take too long to list them, but let’s just say it has been 1000x better than having a real life millionaire father. Healing my beliefs about time is the last piece of this healing.

jospeh smith

Time, like money, is not exactly real. But it is how we reckon things. For the most part, we travel through it linearly. But God is not bound by time. All things are present with him (ref), which means that in a way we don’t totally understand, he can see past present and future all at once, and so technically he time travel.

I’ve been totally on board with time travel for a while—obsessed actually—and I often communicate with past and future self in the imagery state.  But my obsession with time has a shadow side. The issues go back to birth and before. I was born on my due date (less then 5% of babies are!) and from my earliest memories I have always felt extreme pressure to be on time. It physically pained me to be late. I don’t mind so much anymore if others are late, but if their lateness caused me to be late, it would drive me crazy. I have ended friendships over it in the past.  All these issues started to come up as I wondered how I ever could write the kind of book God needed in such a short time.

I consciously believed God could expand time. I understood that He was infinite and that all would work out. But I had a huge burden of emotional stuff to release. The overall theme of this emotional stuff was: other people will die or suffer if I am late. I think it has a lot to do with my sacred contract, which I have always known on a soul level, even if I didn’t remember it. And I know I had some pre-mortal worries that I took into this life about fulfilling that contract in time.

Proceed forward in time now to my bedroom. I have an icepack on my head. A whole day of work on the book is lost.  Two men reach out through time and history and space and give me a metaphysical blessing. Their visit was unexpected. I have never had a visit from either of them before (that I know of). My visitors are usually ancestors. As I pondered their legacies and what they had in common I realized that both of them had huge sacred contracts. Both knew on some level what they had been foreordained to do, and that they had to do it sooner rather than later.  Some would say that they had their time “cut short.” Yet their legacy holds more than their years can explain, unless they were on God’s time.

Joseph’s contribution may be less known the world, but one day all will know that he was midwife to the rebirth of Christ’s church on the earth, and Abraham Lincoln was instrumental in the rebirth of our nation. A rebirth out of the dark age of slavery and prejudice.  Both freed people in chains, some physical, some metaphysical. Both prepared the way for the unborn to fulfill their own missions. They prepared the way for me.

My own heritage includes Mormon pioneers on my mother’s side and African American slaves on my father’s side. I am deeply indebted to them both for having the courage to do what they were inspired to do.

There is one other man of similar stature in my eyes, to whom I am indebted. The man affectionately named Yogi Bhajan. He has never visited me in his astral body, but I hear his voice in my mind often. He was the highest living Kundalini Yoga Master and the first one ever to break with tradition and not only teach it openly but to train teachers.  The secrecy of this science had kept it pure for many thousands of years, but Yogi Bhajan realized that the time had come to restore it to the world so that we could be ready for the age (right now!) that would usher in the millennium.


Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is the ancient science of unfolding your divine potential. It is sometimes called the sacred science of God-realization. There is evidence from multiple sources now (scrolls from Tibet) that show that Jesus may have spent his “lost years” in India studying this sacred science.

I have shared a few testimonials from others before on this blog, and you can read and watch more here. All I can say is that it works. And it works fast. You can break the chains of addiction, of ancestral heritage, of Satan. You can be reborn.


As a tribute to these men (Abe has a birthday today!), and to the idea of rebirth, I am teaching a 6-week rebirthing series that officially starts February 26, 2014. You can stream it to your computer wherever you are, whenever you are. More info is here. There is also a free e-book there and free podcast.  Enjoy! Happy rebirthing!



In the Beginning Was the Word and A Deep Breath

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Breathing. Photo submitted Brook Andrioli

I have been quiet on this blog because I have been working a new book about mediation and it has been keeping me busy. But Sheridan nudged me and said I hadn’t posted since October. Wow!  I realized October was my birthday month and January is (one of) my re-birthday months. And rebirth has been on my mind. The book I am working on is titled Awake! As in Ancient Days. It’s a quote from Isaiah (and Nephi).  Here is just a little bit from the prana section of the book I am working on:

It is said that our first breath sets the tone for our life. I came into the world fighting and angry at the authority that was pulling me from my mother’s womb in a way I didn’t like. In my baby pictures you can still see the marks on the side of my head from the forecepts. True to the saying, an emotional theme was set in my life for a few decades.

When I started my kundalini yoga and meditation journey in earnest, I found myself at a rebirthing class where I was told that we were going to do a meditation to clear any pain or trauma from our own birth and then retake our first breath.

I dropped into a deep state of self-hypnosis and saw myself in the womb, I also saw through my mother’s eyes and all her love and hopes for me. I prepared for the birth as I chanted and meditated and then came the breathing. We breathed for a long time, slowly and deeply across the tongue.

I was not sure which breath would be the first breath of my rebirth, but I could feel it approaching. I was in the birth canal. I could feel a pressure building. Inexplicably, I started laughing and crying. A blissful feeling was rising up my spine and my legs went tingly. It was more amazing than any kind of bodily ecstasy I had ever felt. The bliss was almost too much to bear, but I allowed it flow all through me as I wept, laughing joyful, ecstatic tears. I was told afterward that my experience was not uncommon for people who practiced kundalini yoga. I was hooked.

Though I was never really sure which breath was my new first breath, there was no question that I had been reborn, and it was an ecstatic rebirth. From that day on, I began to transform. That simple breath full of joy and excitement set a new direction for my life. The biggest change that everyone soon noticed, was in my voice and the power of my words.

Indeed, the breath and the Word are in an intimate relationship. In the heavenly realms, first came the Word, followed by it’s servant, the breath of life, or prana: God “formed man from the dust of the ground, and took his spirit (that is, the man’s spirit), and put it into him; and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.”  In the earthly realms, however, the breath comes first. Then as everyone anxiously awaits, comes the first sound–or yell, as it is in some cases, the Word that signifies that we are alive and here to stay. In the earthly realms the Word is given power by the breath.

The Mysterious Prana

According to ancient masters, “prana is a mystical force that is found in all living physical entities, but which is non-physical. It is in the air without being air. It is in water without being water. it is in food without being food.”  The word prana is derived from the sanskrit word meaning absolute energy–or in other words, divine energy. Or more specifically, as I understand it, the Light of Christ. The scriptures say that The Light of Christ “proceedeth forth from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space.” It is “the light which is in all things, which giveth life to all things, which is the law by which all things are governed” (D&C 88:12-13; see also D&C 88:6-11). This power is an influence for good in the lives of all people (see John 1:9; D&C 93:2). In the scriptures, the Light of Christ is sometimes called the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ, or the Light of Life. The ancients said that wherever there is life in the universe, there is prana. Without prana, all would be dead, lifeless matter.

Through prana fills the immensity of space and is in all things, animals and especially humans have a magical relationship with prana because of our intellectual capacity, which enables man the power to transmit, receive and transfer prana.

Woah! Did you read that?  This means we can get more prana… and use it in cool ways. For one, more life force means more energy and more power to act and not be acted upon, to be awake and not sleepwalk through life. We can also use prana for mindblowing things like rebirthing, healing, and more. I think that part of the reason birth is often such an amazing high for women is because of all the prana we take in.

Some of the deepest and most powerful things in the universe are embedding in the simplest things. In this case, it is the most basic human act. I always tell students and clients that if they want to change their state of mind, all they have to do is change the breath. It is really that simple.

Here is a story from Janice about a simple breath that she uses to change her state from work mode to mom mode. She also shares how changing the breath is something even children can do.

I noticed that I was always super grumpy and irritated when I got home from work. I realized it was from having a difficult time transitioning from work mode to homemaker/mother mode.  In a meditation class it was suggested that alternate nostril breath was really helpful in transitioning and changing states. So I started to use this tool to help me be happy with my family. After driving home from work I take a minute to do the breath. I also take a minute to visualize how I want to act when I am home with my children. I say a few affirmations like “I am joyfully choosing to serve my family” , etc. and then go inside to greet my family. It is amazing what a difference this has made. I really am happy and joyful when I remember to take 1 minute to do this. It makes my home a much happier place.

When my children are arguing, fighting, talking back, or otherwise choosing bad behavior, we play the breath game. Each child gets to make up a new way to breath as quickly as they can. If they protest, I make one up for them or just breath consciously myself. They come up with some pretty silly breaths. It immediately creates a shift and change. All negativity vanishes in an instant, in just one breath. It is  truly amazing how quickly and effectively that one simple change (the breath) can change everything else.


Brook doing alternate nostril breathing


FYI, I will teaching a 6-week rebirthing class beginning at the end of February (This is a live, weekly kundalini yoga class that I stream on-line. Stay in the loop and learn more about meditation, mantra, prana, and more at www.treeoflifekundaliniyoga.com)


Age and Fertility Statistics- Have We Been Sold a Pack of Lies?

October 11, 2013 in Conception, Felice, Fertility

A few months ago I was at an unlikely place where I picked up a copy of The Atlantic and read an article called “How Long Can You Wait To Have a Baby?” The author was feeling deep anxiety about the ability to have children later I life. And who doesn’t with all the dismal statistics out there. However, as a researcher, she knew that scientific findings often differ from what the public hears about them. So she started digging.

Here is the Cliff Notes about what she discovered.

“The widely sited statistic that one in three women ages 35 to 39 will not be pregnant after a year of trying, for instance, is based on article published in 2004 in the journal Human Reproduction. Rarely mentioned is the source of the date: French birth records from 1670-1830. The chance of remaining childless—30 precent—was also caluculated based on historical populations.”

So basically millions of women are told that they can’t be pregnant after a certain age based on a study that was done before electricity and in a place where bathing is still upopular.

She found surprisingly few well designed studies of female age and natural fertility that were done in the 20th century. But the few she found showed that the difference in fertility between the age groups was pretty small.

  • women 27-34 having sex at least twice/week –  84% chance of pregnancy within a year
  • women 35-40 having sex at least twice/week – 72% chance of pregnancy within a year

In another study of women age 38 and 39, 80% of white women of normal weight got pregnant naturally within 6 months.  

She gives many more examples of how statistics have been skewed or other factors that may have influenced the studies, such as war, length of marriage, culture, poverty, etc.

The point of her article was to encourage women not to buy into the baby panic. She is now the mother of two children born after age 35.

I don’t know why I am sharing this today. Maybe it is because I have a birthday in a few days. This article came in its time as an answer to an unsaid prayer or question. I was just facing my second divorce (husband sadly lost his mental health after just 3 months of marriage and ran away) at age 35. I haven’t felt baby hungry for a  few years, but I do know there I have another one waiting, and I was beginning to wonder if baby #2 will ever make it to my family.  Finding this article was God’s way of confirming to me that all will be well and I should just keep trusting.

I also share this because I am a lover of truth and I think that it is easy to be swayed by “scientific studies.” The real truth is that if a baby needs to come, it will come. If a woman is struggling with infertility, she should keep searching and trying to understand how the Lord will provide that child to their family. But the truth of it is, your age may have nothing to do with it.

It may be that even in ancient days, women were told they couldn’t conceive in old age. In fact, Sarah laughed when an angel told her she would conceive. But she did. So did Elizabeth, mother of John, the Baptist. My grandmother had babies into her 40s.

So don’t put off having a baby if you feel like it’s time, and don’t have one just because you are scared that you won’t be able to later. This is another reminder to me that personal revelation trumps all worldly knowledge, statistics, advances. Trust it. Follow Him.

What have been your experiences with age and fertility? What is the oldest mother you know?


My Bald Eagle – A Rebirth Story From Wendy Cleveland

October 7, 2013 in Felice, joy, meditation, Parenting, Thoughts

Some of you know that I am now teaching meditation to Mormons as my primary job now (second only to Motherhood). The Meditation chapter of The Gift of Giving Life, and my free e-book, Kundalini Yoga Meditation Explained For Mormons, which you can get here, has generated a ton of interest and for the last year I have been teaching on line classes. Now God has me writing a more in depth book/manual on meditation and the fruits of the last year are ripening in such amazing ways. A few weeks ago I put out a call for stories from people who have taken my class or watched my videos on YouTube and started their own practice. I got a few stories right away and more trickling in and more have been told to me, but I have to get people to write them. They are amazing! I love it. It’s so wonderful to see how  quickly and individually God responds to people who commit to draw a little nearer unto him each day.  Here is a short version of Wendy Cleveland’s story:

When I was 10 I saw a bald eagle. It completely took my breath away, I didn’t expect to see anything in the sky, and When I looked up. Their it was souring so majestically right above my head. Being only 10 years old didn’t stop me from appreciating the immense beauty of the moment. It was something that I have never forgotten and think about often. And often times I find myself gazing up at the sky waiting for my next encounter with one of these supernal creatures.

After I started to meditate I witnessed my life changing. Not slowly, like I was used to witnessing progress in my life. Meditating has affected me in countless ways, I could literally write a novel about it, but for now I would like to share how meditation helped me find my Joy again.

I had been living a beautiful blessed life with a beautiful family, & incredible friends. There was so much that god had blessed me with. But in the state I was In i hadn’t felt JOY in many years. I was living in a kind of numb state where I could only feel the negative emotions in my life, feeling things like love and joy, were as rare as seeing a bald eagle souring in the sky. When I began meditating I started with Kirtan Kriya. This meditation helps clear generational issues, and promotes change. I set an intention to my meditation to clear any generational chains I was carrying from ancestors, and to clear any negative issues in my own body. I started seeing a difference right away.  Since then, the big metaphorical rock I had been carrying on my shoulders has disappeared.

Since meditating I have learned how to listen to my spirit, and commune with the Holy Ghost in everything I do. I have learned that God often times sends me dreams to communicate with me. In one dream, god showed me all the times in my life that I had felt joy. In every instance I had been surrounded by my family.   I learned two things from that dream, one, that I hadn’t felt joy (real joy, that starts from within and radiates out of you like a bright light, that and sometimes you can’t help smile, laugh, or even cry) and two, what it was like to feel joy again. From that day on it was my goal to feel joy a least once a day. Some days I did some I didn’t. But when I did It was joy from my family. I had to let go of any distractions that were keeping me from enjoying my beautiful family. But eventually I found a little joy in everyday, until I got to the point where I was basking in joy almost continually. Praising God for my family and for my  joy. It was like looking up into the sky and seeing the elusive bald eagle everyday. I know that having joy in our posterity is the mode of heaven and earth. God wants us to feel that joy. Meditation helped me get my joy back. And I am forever grateful.

If you would like to learn more about meditation or get my free e-book you can visit www.treeoflifekundaliniyoga.com or my blog www.progressiveprophetess.blogspot.com. Last night I realized that there are about 50 days left until Thanksgiving, so if you started a 40-day meditation today you could finish before T-day.  So I have decided to discount my introductory online meditation class to only $50. This is $22 of the regular price and it will only last for a week. So if you have been wanting to learn meditation from an LDS Christ-centered perspective, click here now to just do it.

Ask Them Their Names

September 6, 2013 in Felice



When I was pregnant and people asked me if I had a name for my baby yet, I told them that I didn’t have a name, but she had one picked out and had let me know years a head of time. It was Phoebe. This is her now:

Phoebe - My Shining Light


She is totally a shining light. When she was four years old she told me she wanted to be a prophet when she grew up.

For several years now I have taught pregnancy yoga, and I am surprised by the number of people who have difficulty naming their children. “Have you asked them?” I would say.  In a pregnancy yoga class where we don’t just squeeze the kegels but also chant mantras and talk to our babies, that didn’t seem like a weird thing to ask. Many women were surprised though. They hadn’t considered asking the baby or that the baby could really tell them.

“Just ask,” I said. To some of them I said it again and again.  “Just listen.”

I gave this advice to one friend, who wasn’t that into spiritual stuff, and she just looked at me like I was crazy. But about 3 months later, she sent me a once sentence message: “She told me her name.”

The story: She was laying in bed and she heard a grown woman’s voice say the name and she knew it was her child. Chills. That friend is much more spiritual now.

There is scriptural evidence that the importance of your child’s name may way deeper than whether they will be teased at school. In the Bible Dictionary, under “Names of persons” it says:

 “The numerous passage of holy scripture in which reasons are given for bestowing a particular name on any person show that the Hebrews attached great importance to the meanings of their names….”

Do you know that the meaning of your name is? Your children’s names?  Is it an aspect of God?

 “In the O.T. special reverence is paid to the name of God, as representing his person and character. In many cases a Hebrew personal name was composed of (1) one of the names or titles of God (2) a verb or adjective, forming together a simple sentence, such as Azar-iah, the Lord hath helped…..” it goes on with more examples.

I recently wrote two posts on the many names/titles/aspects of God and how calling on the right name used in the right context can have more awesome results than using other names. [Read the first post here.]

When it comes to naming our children, it seems that many of them have names already picked out, and if we listen, they will tell us. In fact, these kind of pre-birth announcements are so common that in some cultures there is a name for this sort of thing pre-birth announcement.

Does it really matter if you child is Sofia instead of Grace? Maybe not. But maybe. Names are seed mantras. They plant a seed in your subconscious mind that will take root and grow. Even if a person doesn’t consciously know the meaning of their name, there is a collective unconscious (that we are all tapped into) where it is known. Each time a person says your name or you say it, you reinforce that meaning. Especially if you say it after the words I AM, which is also a name of god, and happens to be (in my opinion), the two most powerful words in the universe, because anything you put after them becomes reality after enough time.

I was at a Gift of Giving Life Party in Arizona and one blunt, hilarious woman flat out said, “I know my 3rd got the wrong name.”


So what if you feel that happened? Or maybe you feel like your name doesn’t suit you?

I say it’s okay. Everything happens as it should. In truth, we are all aspects of God, and our names reflect that. Sometimes a wrong name becomes part of a person’s journey to figure out who they are. I had two ancestors who hated their names and legally changed them.

As divine beings we, like God, have more than one aspect. And as we grow and change we will take on different names and titles and aspects. Brother, sister, husband, wife, friend, teacher, nicknames, aliases, wishful names. Perhaps your daughter (or son) will change their last name when they marry. Oooh. Or maybe they will hyphenate. There is something so cool about a hyphen, the way it marries two words.

And then there are the new names–not just the new name one receives in the temple endowment.  In fact, God frequently renames his servants when they reach a certain level of advancement on the path to fulfilling their sacred contract. I recently received a new spiritual name, and if you want, you can read about it here.

In one culture I read about in the Australian Outback, they don’t celebrate birthdays on the day they were born, they decide when they have been through a significant change in their life and then let the tribe know and everyone celebrates their rebirth. Along with this comes a re-naming of themselves.  By this standard one might have a birthday only once in 5 years and then 2 in a year.  And a new name each time, too.

What has been your experience as you have contemplated what to name your children?

Light Warrior-Mother

September 3, 2013 in Felice, meditation, Motherhood

ligth warrior

For the last 8 weeks I have been teaching a kundalini yoga and meditation Series called Being and Raising a New Age Child. What is a new age child? A new age child is a child of the latter days. The dawn of the new age was not indicated by any plantary movement or world calamities so much as it was indicated by the birth of some very special children. These are the ones that the ancients predicted would come. A new age child has come to usher in the millenium

Many of you reading this are new age children and are parents or will be parents to a new age child. They are special children—in any and sometimes every sense of the word. To learn more about what it means to be or have a new age child, you can read the course description here.

So for the last 8 weeks, I have been thinking more than usual about what it means to be parents in the new age, when we are literally living in the prophecies. Some of us are also re-parenting ourselves along with our children.

I have never loved war metaphors or hymns that talk about battles, but a few years ago I started using the term light warrior, to describe certain people that I couldn’t describe any other way.

A friend recently pointed out that in the ancient scriptures many of the great prophets were also fierce warriors. I had not previously noticed this—or didn’t include it as part of their identity. Nor would I have included it in my identity, until recently.

Now that I look around, I see that I am surrounded by this concept everywhere.

For example, I hang around a lot of Sikhs. If you have ever learned about the Sikh faith you will know about the Soldier- Saint concept. Most Sikhs that I know carry a sword—(in America it is sometimes a very small sword on a pendant) to remind them of this. I won’t go into the history of the Sikhs, but the Saint-Soldier is a compassionate humanitarian as well as a defender of liberty and religious freedom.

While trying to do some archetype work to help me learn more about my sacred contract (mission in life) I found that to my surprise, while I identify with the Artist, Healer, and Teacher archetypes, I identify more strongly with the Destroyer. Many therapists,  healers and teacher are actually Destroyers. Destroyer of illusions, habits, and other things.

It is illusions that I want to address.

I love science. I also love when science admits that they don’t know whowhatwhy. One thing we know from science and from Quantum Physics is that we see with our eyes less than 1% of reality. A lot less than 1%. That means that there is a huge amount going on that we don’t see. And much of what we believe is based on a minute part of big picture.

Every now and then I get a glimpse a big picture—it is almost like God pulls back a corner of the curtain and I see just a little bit more.

angels watching

I am convinced that if we could see with our spiritual eyes for just 15 minutes it would change everything. First of all, I am sure we’d be surprised to see just how supported we are. How we are surrounded by angels, and ancestors and supportive energy that we don’t understand. Maybe we would be more grateful for this support. Maybe we could call on these angels more. Angels have to respect our agency, so they often wait for us to invite their help.

If could also see the many subtle and not subtle ways we are under attack, we might make different choices to protect ourselves and our children. Children are an easy target. They are vulnerable.  They are preyed on by subtle, dark forces whose sole purpose is to destroy them, destroy you, your marriage, and your family. Seriously. If a devil torment your child and get them to melt down enough times, you might just lose it, right? You might have a fight with your spouse about what to do about this child. That tension might create more tension…In truth, you just need to cast out the devils.

Even very young children are vulnerable to devils and unclean spirits and they get in when you invite them in to your home by sinning against the light that you have. For most LDS people, the two biggest culprits are judgment and anger. These will let darkness in every time. That is why it so important to protect your family by filling yourself with light and truth and being awake. Most judgment and anger comes from your unconscious mind which is not the awake part. And the only way to clean out and fill THAT part with light is to work on the unconscious level.

Every mother these days needs to be an awake light warrior.  So cast out the scorner! And follow Nephi’s counsel:

“Awake, awake! Put on strength, O arm of the Lord; awake as in the ancient days.” –2 Nephi 8:9

I love this scripture! For one, because I love a properly used exclamation mark, and also because I have been blessed to be led to meditation as a wonderful awakening tool. Specifically, I believe the Kundalini Yoga Meditation technology is one of those ancient awakening tools. This 5000+ year old technology of God-realization is amazing.  Many others have now happily shared this experience of awakening and becoming more like Christ through their daily communion with God. In a shorter sentence: it changes people. Fast.

If you haven’t taken the 40-day meditation challenge in the book, The Gift of Giving Life, I invite you to take my 6-week introductory meditation webinar, which will guide you through your first or subsequent 40-day meditation. The intro webinar is currently on sale and there are partial scholarships, too. You can find more about it and register here. You will also find there a free e-book on meditation if you are hungry for more.

natalie and riker

Sat Nam