I am a mother, writer, hypnotherapist, pregnancy yoga teacher, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, and spiritual childbirth educator. I like to eat vegetables and play in the ocean. I am humbled to be part of this great work.

Your Birthright

This year will be my 7th Halloween with a child. I have always loved Halloween because I love dressing up. Here is her first Halloween costume. I was going for irony here–playing against type. Two years later, in 2008, I dressed her as emo/goth girl. Again, playing against type. Right down to the dear drop …

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Thursday night, Heather and I sprawled/collapsed on the deep brown carpet of her basement floor. I wish I had a picture, but I was too tired to take one. This last 11 days of August have been a whirlwind trying to get ready to go to the LDS Booksellers Association Convention. This is an exclusive  …

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How This Book Came to Be

Today’s stop on The Gift of Giving Life Virtual Book Tour is our own blog. Yay! Since people love birth stories, we thought we’d post a short version of the birth story of our book. Here is a piece I wrote about it that was going to be in the book, but it didn’t make …

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30 Second Lecture

I’m not sure where I heard of 30-second lectures, but I’m going to attempt one here. So put on your seat belt. At our recent “special stake conference,” our area authority said that if you want to change the church (or the world) you have to go to the young women and the young mothers. …

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Spiritual Blowback

Blowback is the low after the high. The resistance after the rush of progress. Not everyone experiences this. But some do. Here’s what I learned about it from the scriptures: In the first book of Nephi, after Nephi sees in a vision the future of his posterity totally wiped out, he feels overwhelmed: “And it …

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Hilary’s Footling Breech Cesarean Birth

I hadn’t forced anything by doing a version or getting an induction, both choices I was fine with making, of course. It was just reassuring to me when my water broke and left us with one, clear answer. I wasn’t nervous anymore (still freaked out about the recovery, but the surgery itself, I was really pretty chill with), and it no longer seemed like the undesirable choice. It was just the way this baby needed to come into the world, and who was I to argue with that or stress or worry about it. It was right, and I knew it.

Thoughts on Love

The other morning I walked out of my house with my daughter to walk her to school, and on the sidewalk in orange chalk were written the words: God is Love. Phoebe was trilled because she can read all of those words. She wondered who wrote them. We walked to school (4 blocks) and saw …

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