Being Reminded of what I’d always known, but had forgotten.

dsc064001So happy to have Helen be a part of our Virtual Book Tour.  She actually had written this post on her own a few months before our tour.  I loved it so much I asked her to repost it as part of our tour!

I love her insights into birth.  She was in a unique situation where after 4 traditionally medicated birth, she was living in an area where natural birth was the only option.  I love how she moved from fear to faith and our book was a help in her progression!

While pregnancy and birth are physical processes, they can also be deeply spiritual. As I read and studied about the faith of women in the scriptures, I felt empowered. I knew that God would fortify me with the strength and courage to do this divine thing. He designed my body to be able to do this.

As I read, it wasn’t like I learned anything new, it’s almost like I was being reminded of what I’d always known, but had forgotten.

I loved her whole post.  Click over to Monson Madness read the whole thing!