Birth as a Family Event: It’s Magical Up There!

I had the pleasure of attending my friend Tracine’s birth a few weeks ago.  Here she is talking about The Gift of Giving Life when she was in the midst of trying for baby #4.

Tracine had a home birth this time and her Mom was there as H’s (future big sister) support person.

There were so many great things about her birth.  But I especially loved how supportive her husband was and how H. was there at a few key times.

soon-to-be-fourThere was this time in the backyard when the three of them were just walking and enjoying time together.  This moment when Tracine had a pressure wave, Juan supported her and H. wanted to be picked up.  He supported his whole family with ease.


H. was downstairs and we were all upstairs for most of the birth.  When Tracine was in the pool and starting to push she wasn’t sure when she wanted H. to join us.  Her midwife said she would know the perfect time and she did.  At that point she said, “Get H.” and then H stood on a stool and watched with awe as her Mother worked hard to push her baby sister out.

As soon as she was out, H ran to her Dad to get a good look.  I caught this precious moment from my viewpoint.

tracinepoollogoIt was such an honor to be there at this amazing moment.   What a miracle – the gift of giving life.

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