By Levi Mathew Savage

She calls no hour of night or day her own

Through heat or cold she goes her round alone

Here, to bring some mortal into being

There, to ease some soul that must be fleeing.

She listens earnestly to tales of grief

Forgets herself that she may give relief

To bodies suffering or tortured minds

In service to all men her pleasure finds

May God forever bless her with his grace for now she’s gone,

O, who will take her place?

Source: Levi Mathew Savage Family History Journal, March 28, 1876. Utah State Historical mimeographed copy, Brigham Young University, page 57.

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We are a few weeks into Come Follow Me curriculum and home led learning. So far I have mixed emotions about it.

My family’s experience so far.

In some ways I love having 2 hour church and more time as a family.

In other ways it is sad. Because every time we sit down to work on it as a family my 13 year old says how sad it is without Carson, who is on a mission. It would be more fun if he was with us to study!

I am also a little confused as we settle into a new rhythm. We usually have done Family Home Evening on Sundays, but if I introduce the next weeks curriculum on Sunday then I have to study a week in advance…. right?

I know it will all work out, but it definitely is a change and requires a mental and emotional shift.

How is it looking and feeling for your family?

I have been talking with friends about it. We are all having so many different experiences.

  • From my friend whose husband recently left the church, so she feels like the weight on her shoulders has increase exponentially with this new curriculum.
  • To my other friend who is just not enjoying her kids attitudes as they try to study together.
  • Then another friend with a lot of littles who is overwhelmed with their energy!

How is this related to birth?

I think of moms who have had a more traditional hospital birth, where the Doctor is calling the shots and leading you through your choices. Where there may be choices, but it is pretty clear which ones the Doctor and hospital want you to choose.

Then as they wake up to the idea that they are in charge of their births, not the doctor, it opens up a whole new world. With great things are also hard things.

It takes time – allow patience.

If you are in charge of your birth, you need to take time to study out your options so you know the best choice for you and your baby. It usually isn’t something you can figure out in 2 weeks. (unless you are in a time crunch… I have seen moms shift that quickly)

It will look different depending on the circumstances.

Also your birth choice for this birth may look totally different then the choices your neighbor is making. Or even different than the choices you made with your last birth or the choices you will make in a few years with your next birth.

Uncertainty and more responsibility.

There is maybe more uncertainty, because the pathway isn’t completely laid out for you. There is some comfort in having others teach us and someone else being in charge. Getting used to the feelings and responsibility can take some adjusting.

Birth as Gospel Learning

So many of us have even had the experience of birth being a gospel learning opportunity. Patience, Faith, Love, Hope…. what a wonderful classroom for growth in all of these areas.

God can guide us!

I loved what Elder Eyring said. “The most important nutrient is a knowledge of truth coming from Heaven.” This can be applied with family scripture study as well as birth.

We can be led and guided every step of the way as we turn to God and ask for His guidance. He cares as much about birth being home centered (even if you choose a hospital birth, it can still be spiritual and home centered!!) as gospel learning.

Gift for You!

I created a visualization for clearing emotions surrounding Come Follow Me as a gift for you!

Link to the link at the end of the video.

We had this great idea years ago to make a Gift of Giving Life Online Class.  Robyn and I even recorded some videos.  Then life happened and progress stopped.

I found an amazing way to create an online school, which I have set up for my site Enjoy Life.  I found the old videos and decided now is the time and I put up the videos Robyn and I had recorded and made a class!

It is free for all.   Four chapters are covered.  Our original plan was to have a section on each chapter.  If we get enough positive feedback, maybe we will make more videos.  😉

Please go check it out and let us know what you think!

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When I got pregnant with my first baby, I read SO MANY pregnancy books, but none of them fit the book I was dreaming about.

Then I prayed. Who prays about a pregnancy book??? I was then led to this book. It was THE ONLY pregnancy book sold at Deseret Book. It has changed my life forever!

I try to give a copy to every pregnant girl or mom I know.

But in all reality this book is an amazing book for ALL women, whether you are struggling with infertility, have children of your own, expecting your first, have lost a child, or are a grandma!

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