Allomaternal Care

Today’s post comes from the archive. I love this post because it discusses a topic so important to me. Allomaternal care saved my life when I was a child. If it hadn’t been for the loving care of many substitute mothers, my life would certainly have gone in a far more dark and troubling direction. Thanks for highlighting this important subject, Felice! -Lani

The Destiny of Your Child

This is another post by Felice from the archives, originally posted in October of 2009. I love the message of this post, though it also makes me wonder what damage was done during my last pregnancy (in which I endured several months of antepartum depression). Even so, it is a wonderful reminder that our thoughts and feelings have an impact on the children within our wombs.

Thank You Body. Thank You Baby. I Love You Baby.

What I almost skipped over, until alarm bells went off in my head, is the line sandwiched in the middle that says: “cease to find fault one with another.” This doesn’t seem to have much to do with our physical health, but I figured if it is in the middle of this verse, it was no accident. So I meditated on it and I have come to the conclusion that finding fault one with another does, in fact, affect our health and others’ health (even if we don’t speak the words out loud).