Eve and Mary, their sacrifices and their fruit.

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I love so much about this print with Eve and Mary.  It causes me to deeply reflect…

This is a picture I took of the print I bought, please click to go to link of the artist to see it better.

The sacrifice Eve made so we could all be mothers.

Eve carrying the fruit that caused the fall.

Eve twisted up with the serpent and her humility in the role she was sent to fulfill.

The sorrow and gratitude they have one for the other.

Mary crushing the serpents head and her humility in the role she was sent to fulfill.

Mary carrying the fruit that would help us overcome the fall.

The sacrifice Mary made so we could all be saved.


I wonder…

Were Eve and Mary friends before they came to the earth?

Did they both know the heavy burden they would bear?

Did Mary attend Eve as she birthed her babies?

Was Eve at Mary’s birth of Jesus?

Did they rejoiced as they were reunited, when Mary returned to heaven, having both done as God had asked them to?


Are we not a blend of Eve and Mary?

Carrying a heavy burden of the sacrifice we make as mothers

Often twisted up and tricked by Satan

So very humble as we try to raise these great blessings/challenges of the children we were given

Full of gratitude for the gift of repentance and how that allows us move forward with hope

Because we have the power to crush the serpents head

And will one day enjoy the fruit of eternal life.

How we will rejoice with Eve and Mary sharing our gratitude for the sacrifices they made for us!

*You can purchase the print here.


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My favorite birth I didn’t attend…

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Awhile ago Robyn posted about a birth that changed her heart.  It made me think about a recent birth I didn’t attend, at least not physically.

One of my dearest friends started as my Hypnobabies student many years ago. She asked me to be her doula. I attended Mia’s birth and it was a fine hospital birth. Not quite what she had hoped for, but there was love and joy there.   Wendy and I as her doulas, her husband, her mom and nurses and the doctor.

Then she asked me to attend Luca’s birth. A fun, joyous homebirth filled with angels and miracles. Wendy, Angela and I as her doula, husband, midwife, assistant, her mom and daughter, ancestors and angels too. I had a powerful spiritual experience at her birth.

When she was pregnant with her 3rd I knew I would be invited to her birth. However, I didn’t know if I would be there. I had a cruise planned for when she was due.  We were good friends by now and I certainly wanted to be there to offer her love and support. I also knew it would be an amazing spiritual birth and angels would be attending and I wanted to witness it.

I “knew” I wouldn’t be there. 

I attended her blessing way which was amazing and filled with love and well wishes. I had written a letter from God for her and it alluded to some things that made me wonder if she would have the homebirth she wanted and again I felt that I would miss the birth.

The week before I left Andrea started getting pressure from her midwife to do natural induction techniques as her liver levels were starting to look weird. Andrea felt strongly not to do that. I supported her, though I sort of wanted her to do them so I could be there for the birth. But I trusted her intuition!

The night before I left a friend and I took Andrea out for dinner. We discussed her plans and how she had gotten another blood test and was waiting on the results. We all agreed that things would work out the way they needed to, that Andrea just needed to keep praying and following the spirit. She trusted her care provider and God and all would end up fine.

Hospital Induction!

The next morning, as I was doing last minute preparations to leave for my trip, Andrea called me. Her midwife had called and said she needed to go to the hospital and get induced that day. Her liver levels were getting dangerous and homebirth was no longer an option. I had about an hour free and was able to go to her house and talk to her while she was trying to figure out which OB would take her and her insurance, pack, etc.

We had a spiritual moment together as the Spirit witnessed to both of us that she had been right not to do natural induction methods, that this baby needed to be born at the hospital and this was the least dramatic way for this to have unfolded.

Angela and Wendy showed up just as I was about to leave and we gathered around and sang Be Still My Soul and we prayed together for Andrea and her baby. That was a precious moment and I left knowing she was in good hands and that I would be there in spirit. That she would feel my love and that I had played the role I needed to in this birth in the past hour.

I left this full size painting with her, which she brought to the hospital. It reminded her I was there in spirit!5112141_She_Will_Find_What_Is_Lost_-_Brian_Kershisnik

It was so challenging for me, because by the next day as the boat left port, the baby still hadn’t been born. On the boat that night, I had a dream that I was at the birth and that all was well.   I was on pins and needles until the next time we had internet access. I was so relieved to hear that indeed a baby boy had been born safe and sound and all was well.


I was able to be at church the Sunday they blessed baby Arrow and to hear rejoice in her testimony of following the Spirit when it comes to birth. That we can make our plans and that we need to be flexible and follow the spirit if plans have to change.

The birth was amazing, there were angels, there were miracles and while I am sad I physically missed being present at the actual birth. I still was able to be there in spirit and to be a part of her birth experience.

Because birth is not One Moment in time. It is a journey.

Thanks for letting me share about the favorite birth I missed.   I would love to hear about any experiences you have had about being at a birth, when you weren’t actually there.

(I have only missed 2 other births as a doula. 1 was an emergency cesarean and I arrived when the mom was already in surgery. The other I attended the 1st 24 hours and then left on a trip and my back up doula was able to be there for the birth.)

We will be at the Christ Centered Energy Healing Conference

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I am so excited to announce that The Gift of Giving Life will have a table at the Christ Centered Energy Healing Conference in Ogden Christ Centered Conferencethis week, June 16th and 17th.  Sheridan will be there to sell the book (at our special conference pricing), talk to our biggest fans – you and share with new readers!

I don’t know how many pregnant people will be there, but we all know our book is for ALL women of ALL ages and stages of their lives.  So it will be fun to share the message of the spirituality of pregnancy and birth.

Sheridan will also be talking about her classes and services she provides with Enjoy Life.   She loves helping moms as they transition through pregnancy, birth and parenting with classes as well as one on one support and emotional clearing.


I Gave Birth with God Right Beside Me

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Cesarean Births can be just a spiritual as Vaginal Births.  We love to share all kinds of birth stories on our site, to encourage women to create sacred spaces within their births.  If you have a story to share, please let us know!  We would love to add it to our blog.

Kirsten shares her sweet thoughts with us.   I love that she prayed and asked for a specific desire and was blessed with a beautiful experience.

I have felt like Heavenly Father himself was there, next to me, putting His hand on my shoulder. A physical warm spot on my shoulder from a hand being there. I have specifically heard His encouraging, kind, and loving words as I was laying on the operating table knowing exactly what He was telling me as if I heard someone just talking to me. As hard as it is sometimes being pregnant, my absolute favorite moments in my entire life have been those moments where I gave birth with God right beside me. I have never felt closer to Him, heaven or the veil so thin as in those sacred moments.

Before the recent birth of my 4th baby, I thought a lot about Christ’s mother, Mary, and her sacred role. I have prayed to feel some connection with her, hoping to receive inspiration on how to be a better mother through her and her example. Her bond with her Savior and son fascinates me. I have always wished I could meet and talk with her about what it was like having the Savior as her son. So, before my C-section I prayed for this. I prayed for her presence. During my surgery, I felt her spirit there. I felt her courage and peace as well as my Heavenly Father’s. It was a beautiful thing I will never forget.

I understand she was a chosen woman but like me, is a mother who just tried to do her best with the help of the Spirit. I try even more now to do the same.

Does Eve, the Mother of All Living attend births?

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I love attending births as a doula, especially over the past few years as I have grown closer to the spirit and I have been praying for my spiritual eyes to be opened.  I can now easily sense that there are spiritual beings at births too. Angels and ancestors are near. The veil is so thin as spirits pass through it, both as people are born and as they die.

I had the privilege of discussing Eve and her births with an artist friend, Katie Garner, who is in the middle of painting a series of Eve portraits. eve and adam

We were talking about Eve and what she may have experienced with her first pregnancy and birth.  She was probably unsure as to how this little baby growing in her was going to come out of her. There were no childbirth classes to take, no midwife to consult.  Then during the actual birth I imagine she and Adam were probably overwhelmed as to what was happening and how this was all going to resolve itself. They must have clung to one another and prayed for help.

I hope there were angels attending them during those moments.

Within a week after my discussion with Katie, I found myself at a homebirth. It was a first vaginal birth for this mom. There was this magical moment for me.  She, her husband and I were squeezed together in this tiny bathroom. She stared up at her husband with that look, “How in the heck are we going to do this?”

This was the look Katie and I had talked about.  That moment that must have passed between Adam and Eve as they realized, this was really happening, somehow this baby was going to come out of her.

I suddenly felt Eve’s presence there with us in the bathroom. I felt her watching with love and concern and reassurance.

“You can make it through, you can find the strength.

I did it, all mothers’ have.”

I was amazed, I had never noticed Eve at a birth before. Usually I just feel angels’ presences in general, not specific ones. I relished that sweet moment.  The mom and dad were in their own moment, maybe not enjoying theirs as much as I was enjoying mine.

Later at the birth I felt more and more angels surrounding us, offering protection and courage.  I reassured the Mom that they were there, cheering her on.  That she was doing a great job.  I felt them all rejoicing with us as this sweet baby was born.

I prayed about it driving home from the birth and came to realize it was a gift I was given. I had been pondering on Eve and her births, so I was open to “seeing” her specifically.

I asked in my prayer if she was at every birth. It made sense to me as she is “The Mother of All Living.” I received the answer that she is at the births she is welcomed to.

This is interesting to ponder.

  • Who do we welcome to our births?
  • Do we think to welcome specific angels, people from the scriptures or loved ones that have passed on?
  • Who would you want to invite to your birth?

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Maybe the Most Important Family Home Evening Your Family Will Ever Have!

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I was so thrilled to see that the church came out with this great Family Home Evening Lesson.

What Should I Do If I See Pornography?

Some of you may be thinking, this doesn’t apply to me.  I just have little kids.

The average age of first exposure to pornography is 8 years old!

Many are exposed on the playground at school or on the bus, by friends with cell phones.  Or even playing at a friends house.

This video the church made is so great and perfect to watch with all ages of kids.  Even a 3 year old could watch it.

Please watch the video and then share with your children.

Things I love about it…

  • It talks about how our brain works and why we are curious and want to see it again.
  • It gives steps to follow if you are exposed.  Including talking to parents.
  • It shows children of all ages that could be affected.
  •  I also love that it shows girls as well as boys. Pornography is not a boy problem!

Another wonderful resource is the book

I have 3 boys and pornography is something that I want to inform my children about, so they feel comfortable coming to me if they are exposed.  My older 2 have been exposed and came to me.   My 9 year old not yet, but I feel quite confident he would, as it is something we talk about on a consistent basis and without shame or fear.

It isn’t a question of IF they will be exposed. The question is WHEN will they be exposed and will they know what to do if they are?  It is often from a friend who shows them, or accidentally stumbling upon it.

This is why I think this is one of the most important Family Home Evenings your family should have on an at least yearly basis.

Other good resources – for teens and adults


Eternal Warriors – Helps you Make the Changes You Really Want!

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I love teaching Eternal Warriors and have had my students tell me the amazing changes it has made in their lives.  The only challenge is it is so hard to explain what the class is about and what it does!!

  • It is about self mastery.
  • Using the Gospel and tools (prayer, scriptures, journaling) to strengthen your armor.
  • Actually finding the inner strength to become the person you want to be!

I struggled so much as a young mom and know if I had this class and tools I could have been much happier in my journey.  However it is invaluable as a Mom as teenagers so I am grateful I have it now.  🙂

How can I actually DO what I truly Want to Do?

We all face different battles in our life.  From

  • Facebook addictions
  • Pornography Temptation
  • Struggling to do the “Sunday School” answers, like read the scriptures and pray every day.  We know we should do, on a daily basis, but we often don’t.
  • Losing our temper with our kids
  • Fill in the Blank ____________________

 To win against these battles what do we need?

Eternal Warrior classes teach us exactly how to adapt to satan’s new tactics.

  • Increased Spiritual/Biochemical/Emotional Discernment
  • Endurance to make sure our Heart/Mind/Spirits are strong enough to withstand temptation.
  • Skills to be prepared to respond quickly and powerfully.

Eternal Warrior Classes can Help YOU!

You can learn more about what to expect in class by watching this Enlistment Video

 Register for Class

Online Classes – Youth and Adults – Starting May 15th

  • Weekly video classes (similar to video above) and weekly check in/questions/sharing.
  • Weekly Phone Calls (recorded to listen to later in case you miss)
  • Watch and check in any time of the day.
  • An Eternal Warrior Journal will be mailed to you from me.  (specify boy or girl journal)
  • Unlimited E-mail support, Facebook Page for group interaction.
  • 3 months of access to complete the 8 week course, allowing flexibility for unforeseen circumstances.
  • The next session starts May 15th.  You must register by May 10th.

Visit my site to register!

Gratitude beyond Expression – a Child Protected

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There are some things that are not covered in parenting books.

Just as we could never completely cover all the possible birthing scenarios there are in our book.  There are just an unlimited amount of things that can happen in life!

This is what I needed covered in one of my parenting books –

What to do when your 16 year old sneaks into Mexico and gets himself kidnapped.  Because that is exactly what my 16 year old did on November 11th.  But by the Grace of God and the Help of Angels, both from this side of the veil and the other side, he escaped.

I am still a little in shock, but every day I am just more and more full of gratitude.  Almost anything that happens makes me remember how close we came to potentially losing our son, whether permanently, or having him be missing.  Either way I am relishing the joy of having him home safe with me.

EnthusiasmHe is also grounded until he is married, so I get to spend a lot more time with him than usual.  🙂  Which is quite a difference from how it was before, he was off with his friends most of his free time.  Now he just goes to school and work and that is it.  Then we have been spending the Thanksgiving Break with Grandparents and just hanging out doing fun things together and just enjoying everyone!

You can see his enthusiasm!  (He actually is having a pretty good time.  We are just wearing him out wiht all the fun!)

SO blessed.

I don’t even know how to express it in words.  I feel like every day I get with him is a bonus day!

My heart breaks for those families whose children are not safe today, or for those who have a child who has passed to the other side and they are so missed.  I send them love and hugs.  May they have angels to attend them.

I actually love having teenagers!

I tend to talk to Mom’s with little kids and tell them I remember and miss those days, but I also love having older kids.  It is less physically exhausting, but a bit more mentally exhausting.

This has proven that point.

But I still love it.  I love having teenagers.  I wish Devon wasn’t quite such an adventurous spirit. We pray he has learned from this experience and will be more cautious.

It is fun to watch these boys grow up into men.  It is hard knowing the best way to do it for each boy.  They are each so very different.  My 2 other boys are WAY more cautious and would never do anything so crazy.  So parenting Devon is a unique challenge to be sure.


Elder Wong’s Talk on Teamwork

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I really enjoyed watching General Conference this past weekend.  I especially loved hearing talks in native tongues. Was anyone else bothered by the dubbing of english over their voices?  I would have preferred to just have subtitles and hear their voice.  It was still awesome!

I loved Elder Wong’s talk.  He spoke of the story of when Christ healed the man stricken with palsy, where his friends had to lower him through the roof.  His example of bringing it into our time and how we need to have teamwork to help heal others was so meaningful to me.

I visit teach a Sister who has a daughter who has been struggling with health issues for almost 4 years.  I LOVE this family.  Indeed there is a team who serves them from the ward.  I wish all realized each little thing they did means so much.  I wish more would reach out.  I want to go and assign this talk to everyone in the ward to read!!

Similarly, members must “work together in unity and in harmony” in order to assist the Savior in rescuing others. “Everyone, every position, and every calling is important,” Elder Wong said. “We have to be united in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Of course I also thought about how it applies to birth.  How it takes a team to create, grow and birth a baby.  While really it is the Mom who bears most of the burden, as those around her work in unity and harmony her pregnancy, birth and postpartum can go so much more smoothly!

What was your favorite talk?

Friends help friends birth their placentas!!???

September 19, 2014 in Birth Stories, Sheridan by enjoybirth

Wendy was visualizing her birth with just her and her hubby in the birth tub in the backyard and she pushes out the baby alone with the midwife coming right after the baby is born.  This is a great story that shows the power of visualization!!
Angela was her doula, but she asked me to come (with Wendy’s approval) as Angela was 9 months pregnant herself.  We both were wondering if she would have the baby before the midwife came and how we would handle that.  This was weeks ago we discussed it.  I said that we would just have to pray before hand and follow the spirit.  If it happened and we didn’t feel good about it we would call 911.
One night we had a little birthday party for Angela and Wendy was there.  After the party Angela and Wendy floated in Tracine’s hot tub for 2 hours.  Then Wendy went home to go to bed.

The next morning:

Wendy texted Angela in the morning saying she was having pressure waves 5 minutes apart and had had bloody show.

Wendy didn’t want us right away, so that gave us time to get things together.

We were ready to leave around 10:30

Wendy still didn’t need us.  However she hadn’t told the midwife to come yet (who lives hours away) and she had thrown up in the bathtub.  So we got permission to call the midwife and have her come.  We also headed to Dr. Jen’s (our chiropractor) and she is close to where Wendy lives.

While waiting for Dr. Jen, Craig called and said Wendy’s water broke.  Dr. Jen did super fast adjustment for Angela and adjusted my ears and got me a supplement (in under 5 minutes) and we were out of there!

First we prayed in the car before driving.  

“If there is going to be medical issues, please let the midwife be there.  If it is just us, help us to have thy spirit to know what needs to be done and to guide us.”

And off we went.  Angela was sure the baby was going to born ASAP.  I thought maybe, but maybe not.

We got to her house around 11:50 and as Angela got to the door she said, “I think I heard a baby cry.”

But we walked in and Craig came into the house and said they were in the backyard.  So we headed out.

There was Wendy in the tub relaxing.  So I went back in the house to get some oils.

Then I heard pushing noises.

So I turned around and headed right back out. I thought…. baby time.

I came to her shoulder and said, “your body knows just what to do”

She pushed again, leaned back and there was the head. Craig supported it.I knew it was OK to wait for the next pressure wave to push the body out.  But remembering the craziness of hospital births and how they get all anxious made me almost want to jump in and say, “push the body out now.”But I held back I said, “When you have your next pressure wave your baby is going to slide right out.”

She had another pressure wave about a minute later and her baby slid right out.  The cord was like a sash and I helped Craig unwrap the baby a bit and get the baby onto Wendy’s chest.  Then I just thought – keep the baby warm.  The water wasn’t really high, so I was worried he would get cold.  So we got a towel and covered the baby.  Then they just enjoyed snuggling.  After awhile Wendy asked and Craig, what is it?  Craig said He’s a boy.

They just loved on him.  I took some pictures and then found a hat for the baby and checked to see if he was warm.  He cried just a tiny bit, but he was breathing good and looking around. I got another towel and covered him more.

Wendy said, “That was easy!”

She had done the Hypnobabies Home Study and was very diligent with practicing.  It paid off!

Zip Ties for clamping the cord!

After about 20 minutes Wendy tried to birth the placenta but it just didn’t want to come out and it was hard to maneuver baby while still attached.  We couldn’t find cord clamps so Craig thought of using Zip Ties!  Which worked.  (Though later we realized it scraped up the babies leg a bit.)  So we zip tied the cord and Craig cut it.

Then Craig did some skin to skin with the baby, while Angela Wendy and I tried to figure out the placenta.Wendy tried just pushing and that didn’t work, she tried pulling gently on cord while pushing and that didn’t work either.  We prayed and then checked our essential oil book.  (Wendy had asked us to bring our oils in case she didn’t have the ones we needed)  It suggested Whisper for releasing the placenta. That is an oil I don’t have, but Wendy did.  So we put that on her.  That didn’t seem to help so we called the midwife who talked me through guiding the placenta out.  She told me to wrap the cord around my hand and pull while Wendy bore down.  I was a bit nervous, but the midwife said as long as it wasn’t hurting Wendy at all it was fine.  It came out pretty easily with that tip.  I did get birthing tub water all over me, but we did it!  It was pretty crazy.

Then we got Wendy out of the tub and rinsed off and onto the bed.  She happily nursed the baby while I rinsed off and changed (luckily I have a change of clothes in my doula bag.)

Then we just sat together on Wendy’s bed and were amazed at the day and the birth and how amazing it all was.  The baby was so mellow and happy.  Wendy was glowing and Craig was so proud of Wendy and himself.  It was just what she had visualized and it worked just great.

It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to get nervous.

I was a bit nervous about the placenta thing, but the midwife was still an hour out at that point and Wendy was game so I can now say I helped a friend birth her placenta.  I think if I was just her doula I would have been more hesitant to do it, but I felt like I was doing it as her friend.  Because that is what friends do – help their placenta come out if they need help.  🙂

Wendy asked Angela to put oils on her baby, so we made up the blends the book suggested and Angela put the oils on the babies head and I put them on his feet.  Then I gave Wendy a foot massage while Angela fed her yogurt and cashews.

The midwife got there about 2 hours after the baby was born!It was a magical birth, I think because it was Angela, Wendy, Craig and I together with this magical experience. 2 weeks before we had been in that same location at her blessing way and she had shared how she imagined her birth and that was how it happened.

I just wish we had gotten some of it on film.  But it was just perfect.  I am so honored I could be there and share that miracle!