Birth Stories


Today’s birth story comes from my maternal grandmother, Doris. It is wonderful to me that I have a record of her feelings about her first birth, the birth of my own mother. Doris was a nurse, an avid hiker, and a lover of animals and nature. Though I never knew her very well, I feel she passed many of her best traits down to me. Sending you love, Grandma Doris. -Lani

Thoughts on Joy

Today’s birth story and thoughts on birth come from Elaine Cannon, the former General President of the Young Women for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I believe she she wrote this in the 80’s. When I had my first baby about thirty years ago, I was treated with great respect and infinite …

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Tender Mercies

It was difficult, as we were finalizing our book’s contents, to choose which of the many wonderful spiritual stories we had received would be included. We consoled ourselves, however, as we made those difficult decisions, with the assurance that we would post the extra stories here on our website. The following is one of those tender stories.

Giving the gift of life is sometimes a partnership between two mother hearts—a birth mother yearning for a loving home for the child in her womb and another mother eagerly awaiting the child she has “grown” within her heart. I hope you enjoy Judith’s story of the adoption of her second son as much as I did. —Lani