Hilary’s Footling Breech Cesarean Birth

I hadn’t forced anything by doing a version or getting an induction, both choices I was fine with making, of course. It was just reassuring to me when my water broke and left us with one, clear answer. I wasn’t nervous anymore (still freaked out about the recovery, but the surgery itself, I was really pretty chill with), and it no longer seemed like the undesirable choice. It was just the way this baby needed to come into the world, and who was I to argue with that or stress or worry about it. It was right, and I knew it.

The Weight of My Decision, Caused Me to Doubt )Sacred Space for Birth, Part 1)

Cherise is an Arizona Mother, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Placenta Crafter, and Creator of the marvelous “Big Baby Project” (a website full of empowering vaginal births of babies 9 lbs and over). I love how her story illustrates what I wrote about in my essay “Unity with Providers of Care” in The Gift of Giving Life. I love that Cherise continued to search and pray until she found the right care provider for her. -Lani


I Gave Birth with God Right Beside Me – a Spiritual Cesarean Birth – Episode 4

All births are a spiritual experience.  Sometimes we just need to have the eyes to see, and ears to hear, to be aware of it.  And yes, cesarean births can be just a spiritual as vaginal births.   Kirsten shares her sweet thoughts with us.   I love that she prayed and asked for a specific …

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