Hospital Birth

From Beyond the Veil, by Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s story has tenderly reminded me that it is during our darkest hours and our most difficult moments that we can feel certain we are in the presence of angels. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience, Elizabeth. Elizabeth and her husband have been married for nine years. They live in a small town in Utah where they spend their free time swimming, playing board games, and battling with swords.

Hilary’s Footling Breech Cesarean Birth

I hadn’t forced anything by doing a version or getting an induction, both choices I was fine with making, of course. It was just reassuring to me when my water broke and left us with one, clear answer. I wasn’t nervous anymore (still freaked out about the recovery, but the surgery itself, I was really pretty chill with), and it no longer seemed like the undesirable choice. It was just the way this baby needed to come into the world, and who was I to argue with that or stress or worry about it. It was right, and I knew it.


Today’s birth story comes from my maternal grandmother, Doris. It is wonderful to me that I have a record of her feelings about her first birth, the birth of my own mother. Doris was a nurse, an avid hiker, and a lover of animals and nature. Though I never knew her very well, I feel she passed many of her best traits down to me. Sending you love, Grandma Doris. -Lani