Sneak Peek

One of the things we keep hearing from people who have received their copies of the book is just how beautiful it is. It really is. Our graphic designer, Marie, did a fabulous job. It seems fitting that words about such a beautiful subject would be housed in beauty, inside and out. Here’s a sneak peek…

Our Book is Born!

This is the moment you all have been waiting for…. drum roll please…. The Gift of Giving Life: Rediscovering the Divine Nature of Pregnancy and Birth has been born! You can now order your own copies and if you order soon you should be able to get one in time for Mother’s Day! She is …

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Our Book is Crowning!

The indexing on the book has been finished and it is at the publisher’s for the final review! Our book is crowning, just a push or two away from having our book in everyone’s hand!  

Turning My Heart

When my second child was a toddler, and we ventured headlong into the “terrible twos,” I found myself devoid of any desire to have another baby. The adversary had been working on me. Each day felt like a battle to find joy and fulfillment in motherhood. Satan whispered negative thoughts to me, persuading me that I wasn’t fit to take on any more children, that we couldn’t possibly afford any more children, that the world would look down on me for having more, that two was definitely more than enough. . . .

Jam to Lamb

Two years ago tomorrow, I got a life-changing email from a lovely woman named Felice Austin. It started like this… Dear Lani, I got your name and email from Martha. She said that you are a fellow birth loving mamma. My name is Felice Austin and I am writing a spiritual birth book titled The …

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