Family History

Six Tips to Actually Harness the Power of Your Family History for Amazing Results – Episode 11

I am so excited to share the second half of our interview with Stephanie Bennion from @lightuntolighthomeschool on Instagram. Powerful Feeling of Love In this episode, she shares that while she didn’t have any specific manifestations of her ancestors at the birth, except for a powerful feeling of love, which she felt was their presence, …

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Embracing the Power of Family History for Pregnancy and Birth – Episode 10

It was so fun to interview Stephanie and hear how she harnessed the power of her ancestors stories to encourage her through her pregnancies and births. She messaged me on Instagram I encourage women to latch on to any tidbit of info about their female ancestors inChildbirth. Even knowing the historical birthing practices of their …

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God is Not a Single Parent

My heart is full of gratitude to be part of a Christian church with an understanding of divinity that honors both masculine and feminine. My heart is full of gratitude for an earthly father who instilled within me a knowledge and love for my Divine Mother. And I smile when I think of the young Cuna mother who helped to plant those seeds of respect for Heavenly Mother in my father’s young heart nearly fifty years ago.

The Stories I Want My Children to Know

How much your children know about their family’s story and roots turned out to be “the best single predictor of children’s emotional health and happiness,” and those children who know the most about their families tend to be more resilient and better able to cope during stressful situations.

The Matriarchal Order

I want something strange for my birthday. Basically a box with two big Q-tips This is the DNA Test for the National Geographic Genographic project. For $200 they will send you two mouth swabs, which you swish around in your mouth, and then mail back to them. With the swab they are able to use …

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VBT #16: Wonderfully Made Bellies and Babies

Today’s Virtual Book Tour post comes from Nicole at Wonderfully Made Bellies and Babies. She describes herself this way: I am a wife, a mother, a doula, an apprentice midwife, childbirth educator, a sister, a daughter, a Christian, and a true feminist. Here’s an excerpt from Nicole’s post…

In Good Hands

Today’s Women’s History Month stories come from our Latter-day Saint birthing history. I fantasize about having a book containing all the recorded birth accounts of our early Mormon mothers and midwives. What an amazing book that would be! I have a feeling that those account would do for us modern mothers what the following two accounts have done for me. They would show us over and over and over that God cares deeply about each birth and that we are given divine aid and protection as we participate in the sacred work of giving life to His children.

Bearing Burdens

When I start feeling sorry for myself or overwhelmed by all the day-to-day problems and concerns in my life as a wife and mother, it often helps me to think about my great-grandmother, Cassie. Cassie was born in 1890 in a two-room log cabin in Mapleton, UT, “one mile west of one of the most beautiful mts. in the world,” as she described it. Cassie wrote, “Well you know that the years from 1907 to 1918 were the happiest and grandest years of this mortal life to me.” 1907 was the year she met and married her sweetheart, Edmund, and the autumn of 1918 was the start of several years I can’t even fathom enduring.