Family History

Bearing Burdens

When I start feeling sorry for myself or overwhelmed by all the day-to-day problems and concerns in my life as a wife and mother, it often helps me to think about my great-grandmother, Cassie.

In Good Hands

This week’s birth stories come from our Latter-day Saint birthing history. They illustrate beautifully that God cares deeply about each birth and that we are given divine aid and protection as we participate in the sacred work of giving life to His children.


Today’s birth story comes from my maternal grandmother, Doris. It is wonderful to me that I have a record of her feelings about her first birth, the birth of my own mother. Doris was a nurse, an avid hiker, and a lover of animals and nature. Though I never knew her very well, I feel she passed many of her best traits down to me. Sending you love, Grandma Doris. -Lani