Family size

“Your family is complete”

There was a time during my fifth pregnancy when I couldn’t see an end to my baby creating. I wanted to have as many children as my body could carry. I truly wanted to leave the decision of the number of children I had to the Lord. I was willing to have 9 or more if that was what He wanted. I never wanted to be done.

The big V

After Rob and I decided we were really “done”  I said again, “Why don’t you have a vasectomy.” This was actually where this all began.  Way back in March our oldest son broke his jaw and arm in a mountain biking accident.  It was actually a very spiritually moving experience in many ways. An unexpected …

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In Wisdom and Order

A year ago, I thought I knew the will of the Lord for my family: more babies down the road. But now I’m not so sure. I just don’t know what to do about those two spirits I once believed were waiting for us to welcome them. And I couldn’t help feeling a pang of guilt, knowing that my womb may never again give life, when I heard Elder Oaks’ General Conference talk.

Calling = no baby?

Not long after the Condom Fairy came, I got a new calling in church. I must first start by saying that I had always envisioned being in Young Women’s one day while pregnant and with a new baby.  In my patriarchal blessing it talks about serving the Young Women and their seeing me in the …

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