VBT #7: Modern Pioneer Mom’s Book Review

Today’s Virtual Book Tour stop is by Jennifer at Modern Pioneer Mom. Here’s an excerpt:

Honestly, I was saddened as I’ve looked back on photos of me in the hospital holding my babies, because there were very few of me genuinely smiling. In a couple of them, I was actually frowning. It made me sad to look at them, because I loved my babies SO much & was so very excited to have them in my arms, but the photos didn’t show it, because I was miserable from everything that happened. (Click over to read the full post!)

The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow

If you find yourself weighed-down by dark clouds of despair, take heart. The sun will come out again. It will. And you may even be grateful for the clouds that made the sunshine all the more welcomed and cherished. Hang on, my friend.

The Birth of Claire Eleanor

Today I’m happy to share the birth of Claire Eleanor, the fourth child of Liz. This birth came after an anxiety-filled pregnancy, and a previous stillbirth. This was her first birth without an epidural. I hope you enjoy it (and Liz’s priceless sense of humor) as much as I did.

2 Free Gifts

It has been almost 4 months and we have sold almost 700 books.   It looks like thanks to the hard work of Felice and Heather our book will be in LDS bookstores soon. We wanted to offer a bonus to those who buy The Gift of Giving Life directly from our e-store by clicking here. What …

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Segullah and Gift Babies

An excerpt of our final Virtual Book Tour post from Segullah and a request for photos and testimonials for our Book Launch Party slideshow.