Mom, Please Go Meditate, because it Makes you a Nicer Mom! – Interview with Felice about Meditation

Felice shares her experiences with meditation, starting with pregnancy and how that changed her life. Breath is so powerful and we usually don’t even connect to it. Breathing is something we all do and all have access to. And we can let it breathe us or we can consciously choose to breathe. This can change …

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The Yoga of Motherhood

Yogi Bhajan taught that it was the job of a yoga teacher to “poke, provoke, confront, and elevate.” If that is the case, no one has been a greater teacher to me than my children. No spiritual practice has done more to purify my soul than motherhood.

The Accuser and the Advocate

Yesterday morning, as we packed up for our road trip, I asked God and myself: “If Satan would be the ‘accuser’ in a personal conflict, who would Christ be?” Without skipping a beat, the answer came: the Advocate.

My Divine Teacher

“And a little child shall lead them” Isaiah 11:6   My posts are just going to be have to be a lot less wordy. I struggle to find the time to write but I really do benefit from processing my thoughts into a post. I’m grateful for motherhood. It is hard and I struggle with …

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Healing Prebirth Wounds

After returning home after our summer trip to UT, I decided that I wanted to do 40 days of the meditation “Ra Ma Da Sa” with the intention of helping my daughter heal from her prebirth wounds. So I did. And it was life-changing.

Wounded Warriors

It is my belief that some of the most valiant and gifted of heavenly fathers children are among them, and it is for this very reason that Satan has (often repeatedly) thwarted their entrance into mortality. They are the armies that will eventually destroy him. Let’s help empower them to do so.

Fearless: Mothering Zion

If we and our children are going to survive the turmoil ahead of us, if we are going to build Zion, we have to leave fear in the past. We have to become fearless and teach our children to do the same.