Bearing Burdens

When I start feeling sorry for myself or overwhelmed by all the day-to-day problems and concerns in my life as a wife and mother, it often helps me to think about my great-grandmother, Cassie.

Guest post: Hands Full, by Cherylyn

There’s a chaos to six children under 12, and yet a peace and joy to it as well. We find our parenting and lifestyle have changed to better suit our growing family, and we’re enjoying the journey. Our family is our top priority and most treasured blessing.

Hilary’s Footling Breech Cesarean Birth

I hadn’t forced anything by doing a version or getting an induction, both choices I was fine with making, of course. It was just reassuring to me when my water broke and left us with one, clear answer. I wasn’t nervous anymore (still freaked out about the recovery, but the surgery itself, I was really pretty chill with), and it no longer seemed like the undesirable choice. It was just the way this baby needed to come into the world, and who was I to argue with that or stress or worry about it. It was right, and I knew it.

Guest post: Eat, Pray, Push Out 8 Pound Baby, Love

Today’s guest post comes from Sarah Clark. Sarah is a mother of four, a natural childbirth educator, and she blogs at Mama Birth. I discovered Sarah’s blog a couple of years ago. We were pregnant with our fourth babies and due around the same time, so it was fun to share that journey virtually together. Then one day I figured out that she was also a Mormon. I think it was this post that finally gave it away. What a fun surprise! One of the things I love about Sarah is her fabulous sense of humor. She reminds me all the time that I need to remember to laugh on a daily basis. Thanks for that, Sarah.

Tender Mercies

It was difficult, as we were finalizing our book’s contents, to choose which of the many wonderful spiritual stories we had received would be included. We consoled ourselves, however, as we made those difficult decisions, with the assurance that we would post the extra stories here on our website. The following is one of those tender stories.

Giving the gift of life is sometimes a partnership between two mother hearts—a birth mother yearning for a loving home for the child in her womb and another mother eagerly awaiting the child she has “grown” within her heart. I hope you enjoy Judith’s story of the adoption of her second son as much as I did. —Lani