Sexual intimacy

Sacred Paths, Sacred Fruit

Recently, I started reading Windows to the Womb by David Chamberlain. As I read his beautiful description of the conception process, I couldn’t help but recognize some familiar archetypes and symbols within that life-giving process. I found it so beautiful that, once again, the words of the family proclamation rang true: “We declare the means by which mortal life is created to be divinely appointed.” The journey that brings the seed of a man and the seed of a woman together as one flesh is sacred and symbolic of the divine missions of men and women on this earth.

For the Strength of Youth

I have been intently studying pregnancy, childbirth, and many subjects relating to them for over eight years. In my studies, I have learned so many things about my own body and the male body that have strengthened my testimony of God’s grand design. God has given us so many powerful tools right within our own cells to assist us and guide us. I feel so strongly that I need to teach my own children how their bodies were designed to work and how to use the tools God has imbedded within us. Let me explain just one of those tools…