Embracing the Power of Family History for Pregnancy and Birth – Episode 10

It was so fun to interview Stephanie and hear how she harnessed the power of her ancestors stories to encourage her through her pregnancies and births.

She messaged me on Instagram

I encourage women to latch on to any tidbit of info about their female ancestors in
Childbirth. Even knowing the historical birthing practices of their time helps me visualize them. Knowing they have empathy for me helps
Me have faith that they can help me. Their faith sustains me 100+ years later ❤️


She met all my expectations, as she shared so many powerful ways that you can really connect with your ancestors and let them strengthen you through pregnancy and birth.

Having a Baby During a Pandemic

I really loved the story she shared about how learning one of her ancestors had a baby during a world-wide pandemic and the challenges she overcame, helped Stephanie, as she also had a baby during a world-wide pandemic.

You definitely want to listen to this episode!

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