Birth Story – The Missing Piece

Today’s birth story comes all the way from Spain. Diana emailed me a few months ago and here is her story. I haven’t changed anything except to add paragraphs. (By the way if anyone out there wants to translate this book into Spanish, let us know. It will make Diana very happy.)

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle – Diana’s Birth Story

I have to admit, I’m so thankful for this book that I’m going to tell some of my friends there in the States to find it for me and send it to Spain. It is sad that we are not going to be able to have it translated to Spanish, but I just don’t care, I want it now!

There are a few days that I’ve been reading the blog and the site on Facebook, always when my little girl was sleeping and I could do other things. And I saw you’re looking for birth stories. Well, if you let me I would like to share mine with you. It is not how amazing is having a kid, but it is how the Plan of Salvation made sense for a whole day and I could fit it like a piece of the puzzle to my understanding of the Gospel.

I didn’t know before that woman could be so strong, so perfect, so necessary to the plan. We always learn that in the church, but living it in you flesh is something that you can’t say all the time. I always defended the role of a mother, that is different than the role of a father,  I always defended that the church is not anti feminist but I did not know it.
I was for two weeks at the hospital, in a shared room, 8 months pregnant, diagnosed for pre-eclampsia and I was told to stay in calm but the doctors also told me that I may die during the birth, also my little girl. I prayed the Lord to give me the calm that I needed so everything could go as He wanted to. I didn’t know if I was going to die, or Ximena (that’s the name if my girl), or probably both of us but I was so confident that everything was going to be the way the Lord wanted that I stayed calm until the end.

I thought that I was going to have a natural birth, no epidural, no oxitocin, nothing but my husband, the Lord and me. But that had to be done for the good. I remember that morning, a man guide me to the birth room and my husband came with me. We both were there, the matron came and told me all the process that we would take to provoke me the contractions. I don’t remember a lot, I only know two hours later I was dying in pain so I asked for my epidural. I did not wanted it what I was weak and I asked for it. I prayed in the way to the anestesist so he could have the pulse to put the epidural good and not damaging my spine.

It went ok and then when the liquid run through my veins I wanted to die, the pressure went down and I fainted three times in a row, I slept for five hours and my husband gave me a blessing. I realized at that moment that I was giving life to a daughter of God, that I had to make it.

I realized that I was the woman prepared for that, that I was going to be the eternal mother and I had to fight. I realized my divinity part as a woman, the strength I had, my calling to be a mother.

I had to push, my husband was helping me, was telling me how good I was going. I had to touch my girl, I put my hand down there and I touched her head prepared to come to the world. Three pushes more and she was here. I felt the pain finally, the epidural didn’t worked out, I felt how a life was coming out from me, I saw her, I saw her hands, her ears, eyes, nose, mouth, I counted all the fingers… there was me, and she… we were both, united and separated, two different person watching one another.

She came to me to be teached in the  Lord’s ways, I was taught at that moment that everything had a sense, that I was a mother meant to be. Like I sad before, everything fit like a puzzle and I saw the hand of Jesus Christ in all the process.
I have so strong testimony of the maternity, it is essential for the Lord’s plan, we are essential. And I’m so thankful for this gift, I’m also thankful for He putting me in the way the chance to be a mother cause I never wanted and even when I was pregnant.

I’m so thankful for Him letting me prove myself that I have what it takes to give light, to understand that part as an essential part of the plan, of his great work. I testify that this only can come from God, something so perfect, so divine, so spiritual. You can only go back to Jesus Christ and testify again that He is our Savior and he came to save us. It can’t be denied. And I say this in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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