From Beyond the Veil, by Elizabeth

Last night my husband and I watched the Church’s Bible videos depicting that last events in the life of Christ. They were so moving, but I think the most touching part for me was when the angel appeared to comfort Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. I have heard and read about that angel so many times, but seeing that angelic comfort depicted before my eyes was so powerful. That scene and Elizabeth’s story have tenderly reminded me that it is during our darkest hours and our most difficult moments that we can feel certain we are in the presence of angels. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience, Elizabeth. Elizabeth and her husband have been married for nine years. They live in a small town in Utah where they spend their free time swimming, playing board games, and battling with swords. -Lani


This is a tale of the wonderful spirits alive, passed on and not yet born, that helped me before, during, and after the birth of my first son.

My water broke thirty-six hours before I delivered. After twenty-four hours with no contractions, I was given Pitocin; I had tried every natural way under the sun. After seven hours on Pit, I needed sleep, so I got an epidural. After a three-hour nap, I had it turned off. Since things progressed very slowly when I woke up, the nurses/doctors didn’t believe me when I said my baby was coming soon. My doula nearly had to receive the baby, as the nurse barely made it, and my son came with no doctor or midwife.

Six weeks after my son was born, I was suffering from severe postpartum depression.  I would look at my son and wonder when this kid’s mom was going to show up to get him.  I would nurse and try to bond with him, sing hymns to him at night, but nothing would open my heart. I knew this little soul loved me and deserved a mom who loved him back. I kept thinking I did something wrong when I had him that caused me to lose the love I had with him prenatally.  I blamed everything from my need for Pit to me being unfit.

One night while singing “I Am a Child of God” while nursing, I closed my eyes and saw my youngest brother, who passed away eleven years ago. He showed me his view of my birth. I saw him standing behind my doula, giving us support. When I got so exhausted from being on Pitocin for seven hours, I knew I needed sleep to be able to birth my son.  Feeling like a failure, I got my epidural.  My blood pressure that had been creeping progressively very high because of the Pit dropped suddenly to below 90/50. He told me that he was not there to send off my son (whom he knew but wasn’t really close to), but he was there to greet me if I was to head home.

He then showed me an event that happened the first year of my marriage that I had forgotten about. My husband and I were stuck in a bad snow storm and our car nearly rolled. At the time it was pushed back onto its wheels and turned 180 degrees back to straight.  My husband and I looked at each other and said, “I think we have just met our future children.”  In this vision, I saw my son in the middle of five adult spirits, directing them to keep us safe. On my son’s right were two of the children I would eventually miscarry. On his left were a boy and a girl who have not yet had the opportunity to receive a body. My brother reminded me of our Heavenly Father’s love and that I need to bring those last two spirits into the world.

I spent some time pondering what had just transpired, opened my eyes, looked down at my son, and fell in love.

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  1. It is so incredible to me the visions that parents can receive of their children. They are so powerful. I SO believe that our children love us and protect us WAY before they are ever conceived. When I remember that it makes me unafraid to repay them by giving them a chance at eternal life.

  2. Motherhood brings us into the realm of the noble and great ones. Spirits do attend to us and most often those spirits are familiar to us and have a vested interest in our journey. Beautiful reminder of this today. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Elizabeth,
    What a touching story – it brought tears to my eyes. I too have suffered post partum depression (5X over) – I know how torturous it is. What a miraculous healing you had. Many Blessings!

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