God Comes to Women in Pregnancy and Birth – Interview with Heather

Heather wrote a Facebook Post that went viral two years ago.

Have you ever noticed in the scriptures men are always going up into the mountains to commune with god? Yet in the scriptures we hardly ever hear of women going to the mountains, and we know why-right? Because the women were too busy keeping life going; they couldn’t abandon babies, meals, homes, fires, gardens, and a thousand responsibilities to make the climb into the mountains! As modern day women we may feel like we are never free enough from responsibilities, never in a quiet enough, or holy enough spot to have the type of communion we want with God. But this is why God comes to women. Men have to climb the mountain to meet God, but God comes to women where ever they are

Heather Farrell

I have seen it spread around the internet and still parts of it posted here and there.

I love her attitude, that even if it isn’t contributed to her, she is fine with that.

This viral post led to Heather’s most recent book.

God Comes to Women

In today’s episode we discuss how that book came to be and how so many of the stories women shared, were about pregnancy or birth.

Link to the interview with Jen Mabray