Help Us Name Our New Baby


We have been teasing you with our posts about our new “baby.” And the truth is, none of the authors is actually pregnant but we are busy gestating a new project.

We are birthing an online pregnancy and childbirth class!

It is also our intention that these classes are more than a childbirth education class. While the majority of childbirth classes concentrate on physical and/or mental preparation, this class will focus on spiritual preparation. We hope women choose to access the classes early in their pregnancy. It is the kind of class you could take even when you are not pregnant. We hope to add classes for women in other stages of life including coming of age and advancing past the childbearing cycle. So coming up with a name has been a challenge.
Picking a name for a baby can be tricky as you know so we would love your input. Tell us why you like or dislike some of these names. Even better, suggest one!

Gift of Giving Life Journey
Gift of Giving Life University
Gift of Giving Life Classes
Gift of Giving Life Series
The Gift of Giving Life Interactive Online Education
Gift of Giving Life Spiritual Childbirth Education

The classes will be steeply discounted in the newborn stage as we get all the classes up and running smoothly.

Purchase the book during our Virtual Book Tour (April 15-May 11) for an entry to win early-bird access to our spiritual childbirth classes!

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8 thoughts on “Help Us Name Our New Baby”

  1. I like “Gift Of Giving Life Spiritual Childbirth Education”! I feel its descriptive and encompassing.

    1. Sarah, I don’t think it’s crazy. I think it will be very powerful and thought-provoking regardless of pregnancy status. I have had people take classes with me when they are not pregnant and I know they benefitted.

  2. I like the last one too. If it was a book, you could title it “Spiritual Childbirth Education: Your Journey to the Gift of Giving Life.”

  3. If you are indeed going to be eventually offering several different classes, then go with one of your more general titles, like “The Gift of Giving Life Education Series,” Then title each class according to subject (I.e., “Spiritual Childbirth,” etc.). I am so excited for these classes!

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