I’ve “known” Emily of Peaceful Birth Services via the Internet for several months and had the privilege of meeting her in person at the temple last month. As we parted after enjoying a beautiful visit together, I threw my arms around her and said, “Oh, I love you!” She’s a treasure of a human being, and I am thrilled she wanted to review The Gift of Giving Life as a part of our Virtual Book Tour. She’s a a mother, a doula, a childbirth educator, and I think you’ll love her at “first sight” like I did.

Here’s a little taste of her post:

I’m glad you’ve stopped by because I want to share something with you. I don’t say this lightly because I know your time is precious, and your choice of reading material must meet a high standard. But if you only read one book over the next year, read this one.
I’m serious.
It’s that important.
A few weeks ago I was contacted by Lani, one of the co-authors, to review The Gift of Giving Life. While I did have hopes for the book to be fantastic, I was also cautious.
Read the rest of Emily’s beautiful post HERE. She’s also giving away a copy of The Gift of Giving Life, so be sure to post a comment on her post to enter!

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