Insights are Uplifting, Enlightening and Tender

We love our readers. We wrote this book for all of you!

We also love getting feedback from you about the book. It is so great to read reviews of our book on Amazon. To say thanks, we are going to highlight a review a week.

 I found the insights to be uplifting, enlightening, and tender. These women have shared great pearls of knowledge. There is some of it I take with a grain of salt, but I really enjoyed studying this book. This would be a great new mother gift – whether it’s her first or fiftieth! Adoption or trying to get pregnant, all women should read this.

**I love that she pointed out some of it she takes with a grain of salt.  Take what resonates with you from the book!  Pray about it and you will know what to apply and use in your pregnancy and birth.  🙂

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