Looking for more than the physical and mental sides of birth?

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There are so many books out there about the physical preparations for birth and early motherhood. By extension, reading about those physical preparations can mentally prepare women for the changes they will experience. But the spiritual dimension isn’t usually treated. I wish I’d had a book like this before I had kids. There are so many questions it answers, questions I didn’t even know I should ask at the time. What roles to prayer and study have in the process of becoming a mother? What spiritual resources do I have when I have fears and doubts? How might I use those resources if things didn’t go as I envisioned? What role does the Savior’s atoning sacrifice play? These and other questions I never thought to ask are discussed with compassion and with solid resources, both secular and spiritual. The book also gives a good balance of birth stories straight from the mothers themselves, and more scholarly essays dealing with individual topics. I would recommend this book to prospective mothers looking for more than the physical and mental sides of birth.


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