Great Even Before You Are a Mom – VBT #1

One of our first readers last year was a sweet single sister, who LOVED our book.  We all were inspired by her faith and rejoiced with her when she was married in December!  So it is with great pleasure to announce our first Virtual Book Tour Stop is from Shaylee Ann at Mother-At-Heart.

I love what she says about the book and how it inspired her as a single sister and now as a new wife it still gives her support and inspiration.

standardworks1Please visit her blog to read her thoughts and to enter to win an Amazon Gift Card!


1 thought on “Great Even Before You Are a Mom – VBT #1”

  1. Sheridan, you and Lani have made me cry twice today! You are so very sweet to say those kind things. Thank you for your faith in me and for your inspiring words here, on your site, and in the book. I am so very grateful to have been blessed to find this book. It has changed my life, and the way that I view motherhood and birth. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I wish that I was in a position to purchase another book! I have given away three now, and have a friend who recently found out that she is expecting her first – she was married just days before me!

    There are four very special people in my life who have given me the gift of life. First of all, my Creator and Father. He created me and endowed me with the power to give life myself someday. I am grateful to Him every day for the life that I have lived, and for all of the lives that have come into mine through His grace. Second and third, my earthly Mother and Father. They gave me life in an act of faith, and have blessed me by their examples of love and respect. Through them, I have learned to appreciate every little blessing, and to give my life to the Lord. Fourth, my dear, dear Husband. He has brought me into a new life, much different than my first. This new life is ours, and is more joyous, holy, and beautiful than anything I could ever have dreamed of or asked for.

    Thank you again, Sheridan, and everyone else. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for you and your sacrifices. You women are incredible. Love you all. 🙂

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