I started the Mother’s Who Know course in July in hopes to be a better Mother and be able to help my boys fight against pornography. When it comes to watching this sort of content,
porn addiction symptoms may not be visible physically, but mentally, it may have an effect on frequent viewers.

The program stems from of a pornography addiction recovery program to help people addicted to watching pornography online at websites like https://www.hdsexvideo.xxx/ or perusing pornography magazines – Sons of Helaman and a Pornography Prevention Program Girls Who Know/Boys Who Know. It has been so successful that parents were wanting a program for themselves and then Mother’s Who Know (now Parents Who Know) was created.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, or how it would change me. But I knew I wanted the skills and information to better support and protect my family. Which I got 100 times over!

Breaking Lifelong Habit

feetBeing hooked on pornography from sites such as www.watchmygirlfriend.xxx is not the only long-term habit one might have that’s worth kicking. For instance I have had a bad habit of picking my toenails/feet since I was a child. I honestly thought I could never stop. I had tried many different things, but it was such an ingrained habit of over 40 years. It wasn’t even something I was thinking of working on, but in praying about my GIRL POWER goals, it popped in my mind. With Celestia’s help as well as support and suggestions from my classmates I have stopped picking! It is miraculous to me. From gaining power over this addiction/habit I realize how powerful my mind and faith can be!

Finally Achieving Important Goals

I also achieved other goals I had been struggling with, such as cooking consistently for my family. If you look at my personal goals for the last 10 years, every year I have something along the lines of “cook x dinners a week” but I have always struggled with doing it. Well, I have also gained mastery over that and am cooking 4 meals a week.

Grounded in the Basics

The most awesome part is the basics of reading my scriptures, praying twice a day and writing in my journal. I am now doing that every day and it has been what has truly enriched my life and given me the power to make so much progress.

I recommend this course wholeheartedly for any parent who wants to improve their relationship with God and their families.

Click here to learn more. I am taking the October Course as well, to keep moving forward and also because I hope to one day become a mentor myself so I want to do the course one more time to solidify all I have learned! So if you sign up for the October course I will see you there!

Sign up by September 25th to save $50!

Give Away!

I just found out that Celestia is doing a give away for a slot in her class. I think the deadline for that is the morning of the 25th.



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  1. Oh Sheridan, You have the Cutest feet! I’m so happy for you, and you were such an inspiration for me.

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