Neonatal Resuscitation- do I need to know it?

I am a doula, but I chose to be trained in Neonatal Resuscitation.  You never know when a baby will be born before a midwife gets there or in an emergency situation.  Knowing I have some basic training is comforting.  I hope and pray I never need to use it, but If you are prepared, you need not fear.

There have been times when I was prompted to review the information I learned before going to a birth.  I always do review it when I get such a prompting.  I have never had to put it to use, but knowing I am following the Spirit, gives me faith that if something does come up I will be prepared.

Should expecting parents learn this skill?  Certainly they should learn CPR and choking skills for infants and children.  I would love it if there was a simple, not scary video that explained some basics of neonatal resuscitation.  I looked and didn’t find any.  But most parents would not need this information.

Should birth workers such as doula’s learn this skill?   I would say yes.  I have attended around 44 births and 2 the baby arrived before the midwife did.  I was there and luckily things went really smoothly.   But I was glad I had that training!

Later this week I will share one of the birth stories where I made it before the midwife!