Power of Words, Awareness and Intention. Think before you Text!

I was doing my thing, preparing to do energy work via phone for a friend and also trying to get ready for a birth for a doula client.  I knew I was going to need to leave for at some point that day.  ( I figured sooner rather than later and I was right.)

Rob and the big boys had a fire campout that night.  I had the forms filled out, but wasn’t sure if I would be home to remind Carson to bring the forms to his leader and Rob was going, so I put it in his pile.  I texted Carson’s leader to let him know his Dad had the forms, but he would be driving earlier.

I went about getting ready and was in a good place.  Then I got the reply text.

“K.  I hope we don’t get in a wreck on the way or we won’t be able to get Carson medical help.”

Wow, what a horrible image.  It flashed through my mind and suddenly I was near tears and had lost any of the peace I had just been feeling.  I was mad that the leader had texted such a thing.  I felt fear flowing through my body.  I was frustrated I had responded so intensely.

I was not sure what to do for a moment.  I knew I had to clear all I was feeling or there was no way I could do energy work and would certainly not be in a good place to support a birthing mom.  I said a quick prayer and talked myself through it.  I realized what had happened.  The words I had read caused a chemical response in my brain.  I could choose to be intentional in my response.

I put on some positive music. I breathed. I prayed. I deleted his text.  I did some energy work to release my intense emotions.  I took a shower and finished getting ready.  I made a quick copy of the form and put it with a sticky for Carson on the counter and texted his leader to let him know he would bring a copy.

“I am heading to a birth soon and am not sure how Carson will get to your house at 4 unless the birth is fast.  I made a copy of the form and put it out for him.  Hopefully he will bring it.  Rob will have a copy too, he is leaving earlier, at 3.  Have fun.”

Then I let it go.  I was ready to move forward and do the things I needed to do.  Thanks to the simple things I did I was able to with a clear head and heart.

That text could have ruined my day.  It almost did.  Awareness and intention saved the day for me.  It can for you too.  Also be aware of the words you are sending to others and think of how they may affect them.

Being aware of why you are responding to something in a certain way and then being intentional in how you react can change your day and your life!