Review at Wet Oatmeal Kisses and Book Give Away

I hope you will take the time to step into Tracy’s heart and read her beautiful review of the The Gift of Giving Life.

“One of the many wonderful aspects of this offering is that there is a wide variety of perspectives on both the spiritual and physical elements of birth. This is not a one-size fits all approach. Rather, it is a ‘step into my heart and let me share some of my deepest thoughts regarding my experiences as a woman’ type of book. There are stories about conception, labor, breastfeeding, adoption, miscarriage, abuse, service, abandonment, faith, courage, submission, and most of all, love. Each time I read a new essay, I am left with a feeling of love…love for the woman who shared herself through her writing, love for my Heavenly Parents, love for myself as a mother, and love for womanhood. It is a daily gift I give to myself…one story a day to soothe my soul, awaken my mind, and expand my heart (though I usually can’t stop with just one!).”

This is just a taste of her wonderful writing.  And, she is giving away a copy of our book.  So hope on over to her blog NOW!  You will not regret it.