Singing Lullabies with my Son on His Mission

I had a unique lullaby for each of my sons.

  • My oldest, I made up a little song for him.
  • My youngest was “You are my sunshine”
  • My middle, Carson, I sang him a Hymn from the French Hymnbook called “Souviens Toi.”

I served my mission in France and it is a beloved Hymn there.

It is about remembering the pre-existence and your arrival on earth. (lyrics under the video)

“Souviens Toi” can be found in the French Hymnal

You can imagine my joy when Carson got his mission call to France! It was sort of unbelievable and awesome all at the same time.

Well, last week I had probably one of the coolest experiences as a mom.

He called me on P-Day (also unbelievable and awesome!) and he was with a bunch of missionaries on a district Pday. They were in the church singing hymns.

They started to sing Souviens Toi and I joined in. There I was singing his lullaby WITH him while he is a missionary in France. It was this beautiful full circle moment.

One that as a Mom you dream of.

We both ended up teary eyed. I asked if he and his companion would record them singing it for me.

I got that video this week and wanted to share it with you.

In case you are curious of the translation…

here is a beautiful translation I found.

Verse 1: What do you remember, child, of life before this earth—
When you were a spirit-child before your mortal birth?
Heavenly Parents held you near, not that long ago;
Your eyes still reflect the light from our first holy home.
Search your spirit’s memories, before the light grows dim;
Store those visions in your heart while the veil is thin.

Verse 2: Tell me of that blessed place, what do you recall?
Forests, gardens, brooks, and fields? Bright celestial halls?
Rivers falling to the sea; shores where breezes blow?
Flowers like soft jewels in the woods; mountains white with snow?
Is the sunset rosy grey, lighting gates like pearls?
Do lamps beckon travelers home to that forgotten world?

Verse 3: Now do you remember, child, when we lived as friends?
Where we learned our Savior’s plan: love that shall not end—
Justice satisfied through grace; mercy lights the way;
We will work to learn His laws; we gratefully obey.
There, before the dawn of time, we accepted Him,
Someday, reunited, we will raise our grateful hymn.

Coda: Souviens-toi, mon enfant
What do you remember, child?
Always remember Him.

Based on the French hymn, Souviens-toi, melody from the New World Symphony by Antonin Dvorak; lyrics by the Comité linguistique français de l’Eglise de Jesus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours. Lyrics translated from the French by Lisa Bolin Hawkins.

If you think this is a beautiful Hymn – please help it get into the new Hymn Book!

Did you know that you can add your voice to what gets in there?

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