Unexpected Visit With Mom’s OB

Two weekends ago I visited one of my favorite small towns in America. It’s north of Los Angeles about 90 minutes and is near the area I was raised, however, it’s secluded in a valley, and I never spent much time there as a child. So even though it is only about 20 minutes from my house growing up, it feels like it is in another universe-a beautiful one where everything is brighter, richer, and tastes better.

While visiting, I heard someone mention a Dr. S. It is a unique name and even though I had only heard it a few times in my life, I couldn’t forget it. My ears perked up.

“Dr. S? No Way.”

I had no idea he was still alive or even a real person. He was the OB who cared for my mother during all of her pregnancies. He caught all of  my brothers and sisters and his partner caught me (okay, let’s be honest, his partner pulled me out with forceps. I used to be mad about that, but every since I did a rebirthing meditation, I’m fine).  I got to meet with him the next day at church. (He’s LDS, which is probably why my parents chose him.) He’s 80 years old and bikes at least 20 miles every day. He is the likely the oldest scout master in the church.

It was unexpected–like apples and cheese. And so strange that he is alive and my mom is not. He is retired now, but goes to Africa every year to train midwives for the nomadic people. We talked a little bit about our book, and I mailed him a copy.

I guess it is not weird for some people to run into their mom’s OB, but it was wild and unexpected for me. I feel like it is some kind of omen. Of what, only time will reveal.

It was to good to see what kind of man he is though, and good to know that she was probably well cared for. Thank goodness for that.

mom and dad and baby felice
Mom and Dad and baby Felice


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  1. My mom’s OB was also her mom’s OB when she was born so he caught my mom and he caught me! Crazy!

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