VBT #12: trainingdoulas.com – Finding Common Ground

Today’s stop on our virtual book tour is with Rachel Leavitt, a doula trainer who blogs at trainingdoulas.com/new-beginnings-blog.com.  I have to admit that a few years ago I was excited to stumble upon her earlier blog, The Beginning of Motherhood.  I was hungering for more exploration of the topic of birth and how it connects with my faith and she often blogged on those topics.  Here are a few excerpts from her review:


“A few years ago, I recieved a question from one of my readers asking any advice in navagating the Mormon Mommy Culture when your plan is outside the mainstream, and how she could find common ground.  I answered with some of the above thoughts of prayer or blessings, but this book answers this question far better than I could.  It discusses common doctrine believed among the LDS faith that may unite them, as well as interesting intellectual discussions on the meaning of life, birth, death, and motherhood.  With stories and essays, it provides an insiders look into some of the dilemmas and questions inherent in following a faith and working to find meaning in our birth experiences that is common to all women.”


You can read her full review here.