VBT #13: Keen Doula – This Book Has Changed Me




A big thank you to Kristi who blogs at keendoula.blogspot.com for participating in our virtual book tour.  I love that in her review she shared her thoughts chapter by chapter.

“I feel like reading this book gave me some of the companionship that I have been craving. There are other women out there who get what I am going through when I thought no one else would or could. There are others who have been where I am now and who, through this book, have given me the strength to carry on. They have buoyed me up.”

“I think this is my favorite book about birth ever! Believe me, this is a big deal, because I have read some truly amazing books. However, the authors ‘have written the book unabashedly for a Latter-day Saint audience’ (xvii), and I can’t help but feel a deep, heartfelt connection with a book that is written about two of my most favorite topics in the world: my faith and birth.”

You can read the rest of her review here.