Wait, I am supposed birth how? This revelation tested my faith. – Episode 17

In an interview with Melissa for this podcast episode. she shared the spiritual journey of her 3rd and 4th births.  

“As I sat in the celestial room,   I heard revelation for how my next birth would be.   

It would just be me and my husband and NOT a midwife!  

 I was shocked,  

 I asked God,   “Wait, are you sure???? This revelation is for me and not someone else?” 

(She wasn’t even pregnant when she got this revelation in the temple.)

It was so fun to interview Melissa @joyfulandspiritualbirth as she shared her journey for her 3rd birth (homebirth) and then 4th birth (unassisted)  

Listen to todays episode to hear all she learned and how it pushed her in her faith.

Have you ever gotten revelation that was surprising?