Westly’s Birth – Filled with love and the spirit.

Thank you Wendy for sharing your birth story with me and my readers!  It was such an honor to be there.

When I think of Westley’s birth I am filled with love, and the spirit. It was exactly how I imagined it would be. Four short hours of pain free birth. I was woken up on August 23rd by Taylor and Kaden coming into bed to cuddle with me. I was nestled in between them while they slept. Daddy was on the other side of the bed and the room was brimming with love. I felt my pressure waves getting stronger, and thought that today might be the day. I thought it was the perfect way to start my loving birthing time. One tender moment I won’t forget was when Kaden softly rubbed my back, as he often does in the morning.

I got up to pee and checked for bloody show as I had been doing for a month now for a first sign of my birthing time. Every time I had peed in the last month I was checking for it, and this morning on August 23rd it was here! I had a calm excitement as a walked back to the bedroom to tell Craig that today might be the day we meet our baby! Craig got up with a calm tender excitement and started preparing for the big moment. I got into the bath, and he brought me coconut water and tea.

Craig was bustling around calling and making our planned preparations, coming in often to check on me. I laid calmly in the bath using my Hypnobabies through each gentle pressure wave. I was so comfortable and welcomed every pressure wave with a smile, knowing that each one brought me one step closer to meeting my baby. The kids kept coming in to check on me, and gave their loving support. As I went to get out of the tub I threw up what I had been drinking. ( I didn’t know it at the time, but this was my transformation)

I got out of the tub and got on my birthing ball in the bedroom. The kids were coming in and giving me lots of love and hugs and kisses especially Taylor. Taylor also came in to show me her new outfit and modeled it for me. While I was on the birthing ball my Sisi came and took the kids to the petting zoo, they were so exited. Sisi came in and we chatted a bit. After the kids and Sisi left I needed a change in position, so I laid on the bed with my body pillow. Craig was in the room with me, and we listened to our fear clearing cd( a hypnosis cd).

I was calmly laying on the bed and he was setting up the baby hammock. I think I was in a deep hypnosis at this point. Craig went to the back yard and started setting up the birthing pool. I was still on the bed when my water broke. I got up and told Craig, then laid on the couch for one pressure wave, then one the bed for another. The whole feeling of them changed as I felt the baby enter the birthing canal.

I immediately got into the birthing tub, and I have never been more grateful for plastic tub of water. It was just what I needed. My body naturally started making loud awing sounds as the baby descended down the canal. I was shocked it was time for the baby to come, because the birthing time was so short, relaxing and easy.

At this point it was just Craig and I in the back yard. The midwife or doula had not shown up yet. Craig held my hand through each pressure wave, he was perfect. After about two or three pressure waves in the tube, the head emerged. I was relieved, and exited! At some point around that time my friends and doula support came into the back yard. Angela and Sheridan are both Hypnobabies doulas.

Sheridan put her hand on my shoulder and said relax, my body instantly did, and my baby was born. I took my baby in my arms and just felt so much love. The spirit was strong. All of us were crying sweet happy tears. That one moment in time will be one I hold close to my heart my whole life. A rare sacred moment. After holding him for awhile, I Asked Craig if it was a boy or girl. He told me boy. And we sat there baby in my arms and I in Craig’s arms just looking at our sweet miracle. It was perfect. And I am so grateful that I was able to experience it.