Who Will Be Your Angel? – VBT #3

Today we have a book review from Heidi.

Heidi is a doula, birth photographer, and childbirth educator in the DFW area of Texas.  She is the mother to six little ones and has birthed in hospitals, a birth center, home, by vaginal, cesarean, and VBAC!  She blogs about all sorts of birth related topics for parents and doulas at www.BetterBirthDoula.org.

Here is an excerpt from Heidi’s post.

I think it’s a wonderful resource for all religious faiths.  It covers a huge range of birth related topics – emotional and physical preparation for birth, blessing ways, infertility, loss, adoption, cesarean birth, home birth, newborns, preparing our daughters for motherhood, and a huge selection of birth stories.  Stories of a sensitive nature are marked with a ribbon, which is helpful for those healing from a traumatic experience who may want to skip these sections until they are ready.

She then goes on to share some of her favorite quotes from the book and why and how they touched her.  I loved reading them and hearing her insights.  I especially loved these thoughts she shared:

“Who will be your angel? As you prepare for your own birth, seek out your angel, whether an earthly angel or a heavenly one. Look for someone in whose presence you you feel courageous, optimistic, and uplifted. Look for someone who knows when to step in and lend a hand and when to step back and let you walk your path with your own two feet. That angel can make all the difference.” – Elizabeth Day, CD (DONA), LCCE

I loved this quote, as I pondered on the “angels” who sustained us through our pregnancies, births and postpartum stages. We’ve been blessed to be care for and watched over by so many amazing people, and I do believe in divine angels guiding and helping us as well. Especially through our preemie’s arrival I knew we witnessed miracles and were being guarded, and our care team was being inspired as well.

Now as a doula it is DEEPLY humbling for me to consider that I can try to be in some small way one of those who can serve and encourage and lend a helping hand. I’m given the chance to enter such a sacred space and support a family through one of the biggest days of their life. It never ceases to amaze me, the privilege that it is to attend a birth!


I pray on the way to every birth I attend as a doula or friend for angels to be there and for me to be able to support the mom in the way she needs.  I feel them there!

I loved all Heidi shared and I know you will too.  Click on over to her post and read the whole thing and you can enter to win an Amazon Gift Card on her post!