My family recently had the privilege of attending the ground breaking and dedication of land for the Pocatello, Idaho temple. This event was by invitation only, knowing it would not be possible to accommodate all who would want to physically be there. We only received an invitation because our Bishop was unable to attend with his family. We were ecstatic to be able to be there in person. The event was also broadcasted from to area meetinghouses and homes so that all who wanted to be a part of this momentous occasion could take part.

Let me reverse a bit. I grew up in south-east Idaho and returned here after college to raise a family. It has been a heartfelt desire of mine to have a temple here. I remember as a youth leader many years ago waiting outside the baptistry in the Idaho Falls temple when I found a book detailing the history of the Idaho Falls temple. In it was included a revelation that temples would dot these valleys. I knew then that it wasn’t a matter of if but when we would have a temple in Pocatello. And when the announcement was made? I’m sure you can imagine the rejoicing!

We have had a lot of snow this past winter and so there was concern over whether the ground could handle the event given the abundance of moisture. We were asked to pray that the weather would cooperate. And as you can see, it was a beautiful day. However, we were blessed with the assistance of a local business that provided hay tarps as ground cover given the soil was still very muddy. The cool thing about this? You will have to read the article here. Even though we got there early we had to sit on the ground (hay tarps) and while this may not have been the most comfortable, I think it was actually better for my kids. They cuddled around me and gave me sweet hugs as we listened.

As expected, the event went smoothly, and a beautiful spirit prevailed. You can read more details about the ground breaking here. I loved that for the first time, leaders from other local churches were invited to attend and participate in the event. These leaders of local faiths were the first to turn the soil with Elder Wilford Anderson. That was a beautiful thing. Elder Anderson offered remarks before the dedicatory prayer in which he reminded us that the things we have in common are more important than the things we don’t have in common. There were other significant “firsts” that this groundbreaking included which you can read here. You can watch a video summary of the event here.

The most memorable part for me will be the divine, heavenly feeling I felt shining down on us. It reminded me of that feeling of heaven that enters a space when a baby is born. It is difficult to put into words, but it is as if there is a connection between earth and heaven and times seems to stop. I have blogged about the symbolism of temples and birth in the past. You can read more about that here and here. Temples and birth are also touched on by the essays “The Two Veils” and “Birth in Remembrance of Him” in our book.

I loved reading this 5 star Amazon Review about The Gift of Giving Life.

Every woman should read this book. It is so beautifully put together and incredibly inspiring! As a mother preparing to give birth to my child, I found exactly what I needed while reading this book. I recommend this book to anyone having a baby, but also to every woman. It’s so, so beautifully done.

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We love our readers. We wrote this book for you!

We also love getting feedback from you about the book. It is so great to read reviews of our book on Amazon. 

You are helping to host a “normal” baby shower, but you want to make it a little bit more spiritual and meaningful for the mom.  A party with gifts and food is fun, but it is easy to add a few simple things to make this celebration more about the Mom and her journey to mothering this baby and therefore make it a bit more special.

Have you attended a Mother’s Blessing?

You have heard about and maybe even attended a Mother’s Blessing aka Blessingway?  Do you want to help create something like that for your friend?  At the same time you don’t want the fellow guests to think it is too “weird”.  So maybe skip the belly henna painting, but try these 3 simple tips instead.1.

1 – Writing and Sharing Wishes

Pass around blank note cards and have everyone write a wish or a piece of supportive advice they have for the mom.

Some examples:

A Fast and Easy Birth

A Happy Baby

An Easy Adjustment to the Baby

Take a Nap when the Baby Takes a Nap – you deserve the rest!

Then when Mom is opening their gift, the guest whose gift is being open, stands up and reads their wish to the Mom.

The thing I really love about this, is it keeps the guests focused on the mom as she is opening gifts and really makes the night about her and not just socializing with each other.

2 – Add Beads to take it up a notch

An easy thing to take the first tip up a notch, is have each guest bring a bead to add to a necklace/bracelet for the mom.  Have some extras on hand to give to those guest who forget to bring one.  Or if you already sent the invites out, go get a bunch of fun beads that the guests can choose from during the party.

When the guest shares their wish, they can go over to the mom and give her the bead and a hug.  Have a bowl near the mom, as an easy place to store the beads as the gifts are opened.

After all the presents are opened, you can easily put the necklace/bracelet together.

The mom will love having a keepsake from the well wishes that were given to her.  I know many moms who choose to wear their bracelet/necklace during their birthing time.


3 – We are all connected

Take some colorful cording and wrap it around the Mom’s wrist.  Then pass the cord around the group and have the guests wrap it around their  wrist and keep passing it on.   When it gets back to the Mom everyone is connected.

Take a moment and share how you are all connected together to share and love the expecting mother!  That she can feel that love at any time.

Then go around and cut the cord between each person and have them tie the cord on their wrist.  Let the guests know they can choose to wear it until the Mom has her baby.  Remind them if they choose to do this, they can think of the expecting Mom and send her prayers and well wishes, each time they think of her.

Moms and Guests love it!

Do these 3 tips, or even 1 and it will add something special to the shower

I have done this at 3 or 4 “normal” baby showers.  Each time the guests and the Mom express how meaningful both of these activities were.

They were easy to add and made the baby shower more of a Mother’s Blessing.

Try it and let us know your experiences.

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Tips to throwing a Mother’s Blessing

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If possible I would give this 10 stars- as a 4th time mom and an avid reader I have read several dozen pregnancy books. This one by far takes the cake!

I’m honestly moved to tears at the blessings and confidence this book has given me as a women.

At just over 500 pages I completed this book in a months time (with 3 little ones at my side) the format is easy for the busy mom because they are short essays or stories that build on each other. Literally 10 mins of reading this a day would be sufficient if you don’t have tons of “free time”.

This is actually a book I plan to give at baby showers from now on.

-Life Changing!

The Gift of Giving Life – Amazon Review of the Week

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We love our readers. We wrote this book for you!

We also love getting feedback from you about the book. It is so great to read reviews of our book on Amazon. To say thanks, we are going to highlight a review a week.