Felice Austin is a mother, writer, hypnotherapist, Hypnobabies instructor, prenatal yoga instructor, and spiritual childbirth educator. However, when she received the inspiration to write this book, she was just a mom and a writer on a spiritual journey. Her decision to act on that voice that spoke to her mind and heart is what brought all these wonderful women together and has culminated in this remarkable book. Felice’s passion for creativity and positive change drives her in her daily life and brings joy to many people around her in her beloved Los Angeles and throughout the world. You can contact her at 

Robyn Allgood is a doula and childbirth educator affiliated with the Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth. She has taught childbirth classes for over ten years and spent eight years leading a local ICAN chapter (International Cesarean Awareness Network).  After serving a mission in the Dominican Republic, she married the “boy down the street.” Robyn completed a bachelors degree in Speech Communication at the University of Utah. She also loves to read, write and reflect. She is the mother to six beautiful children and spends way too much time searching for matching little shoes so they can leave for their next adventure. You can read more about her adventures in motherhood on her blog Treasures From the Heart.

Lani Axman finished her studies in English and editing at Brigham Young University in 2003. Following the birth of her second daughter, Lani put her pen to work for her newfound passion—childbirth advocacy. In 2007, Lani created her blog, Birth Faith, where she continues to share her thoughts and research and is followed by thousands of readers each week. Lani became trained as a birth doula through DONA International in 2009 and in neonatal resuscitation in 2011 and looks forward to attending births when her children are older. In the final stages of our book project, Lani has put her editing skills to work heavily. She knew that college education would prove useful someday! Lani now resides near Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband and four children. You can contact her at

Heather Farrell  Heather Farrell is a certified birth doula (DONA International) and has helped dozens of women make the powerful transition into motherhood. She is a graduate from Brigham Young University and received her bachelors of science in Public Health and a minor in Women’s Studies. At BYU, she worked for four years as a research assistant at the Women’s Research Institute. While there, she published extensively about women’s experiences with breastfeeding and about women’s involvement in education and peace movements. Heather is a self proclaimed scripture nerd and loves to study about the lives of the women in the scriptures. For the past two years she has published the blog Women in the Scriptures, which is read weekly by hundreds of people around the world. She currently resides in Logan, Utah and is the mother of two beautiful children.

Sheridan Ripley has always loved all things pregnancy, birth and babies. Even when she was in high-school she would cut class and go to the library to read pregnancy books.

Her first son was born by emergency cesarean at 34 weeks.  Her 2nd son was born by VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) in the hospital with an epidural.  Her 3rd son was also a VBAC in the hospital naturally using Hypnobabies.   She had a doula for her third birth and that is what inspired her to become a doula.

As a DONA certified doula, she assists women and their partners during their birthing time. She is also a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor and loves to share her passion for childbirth with others. She has written the book, The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth which you can download for free at Enjoy Birth Blog.


We are very grateful for the many other women who have contributed to this book in large and small ways. Here are just a few of them. We will add to this list as we get bios.

Rixa Freeze has been with us from the beginning and contributed many thoughts and ideas to this book above and beyond her essays that appear it it. Rixa has a longstanding personal and professional interest in childbirth, maternity care, breastfeeding, and women’s issues. At the University of Iowa, she completed a doctoral program in American Studies. Her fields of study included the history of medicine and health care in America. Her dissertation examined the unassisted home birth movement in North America. She has also served women as a doula and is the author of the well-read blog Stand and Deliver. She currently resides in Indiana with her husband and three children.

Elisabeth Day has also been with us from the beginning and has also contributed many ideas and inspiration to this book. She is a certified Childbirth educator affiliated with Lamaze International. She is also a birth doula and mother of four beautiful children.

Meleah Ekstrand is the background hero in bringing this book to reality. She is the one who has kept us organized, reminded us of deadlines and done all kinds or research and organizational tasks. Without her, all the birth stories would still be in several piles on the floor instead of in your hands. She is a mom, and self-professed birth junkie.

Brittany Cromar is a doula, childbirth educator and the author of Birth Unplugged.

Courtney Kendrick is a mom and writer. She is the author of the well-loved blog C Jane Enjoy It.

Natalie Willes is an enthusiastic supporter of spiritual childbirth.

Rebecca Overson is a prenatal massage therapist, clarity coach, and birth advocate in the Salt Lake City area. She is also a great musician and composer (and one of our book’s best cheerleaders).

Lynn Callister, PhD, RN, is a BYU professor of nursing and the author of our book’s foreword.

Marie Reese is an amazing graphic designer.

Natalie Lovins

Amy King

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