Table of Contents

Below you will find our tentative table of contents.

Chapter One: Our Legacy

We Are Each Eve, Heather Farrell

Divine Nature, Catherine Gambrell

A New Woman, Jessi H.

Heavenly Mother, Rixa Freeze

Healing through Motherhood, Meghan Raynes-Matthews

Our Latter-Day Saint Birthing Legacy, Heather Farrell

The Family Tree of Knowledge, Felice Austin

Our Mothers, Our Daughters, Felice Austin

A Tale of Two Births, Jayne K.

We Are Daughters: Preparing Young Women for Pregnancy and Childbirth, Brittany Cromar

Circle of Women, Velinda Mitchell

Chapter Two:  The Importance of Giving Life

The Spirit of Elijah, Lani Axman

Waiting for Asheleigh, Matthew

Two Veils, Heather Farrell

Parting the Veil, Jennifer

Puah and Shiphrah: Delivering the Deliverer, Heather Farrell

The Decision to Have Your Baby, Felice Austin

Choices, Name withheld

Birth through Adoption, Mandi F.

Chapter Three:  Personal Revelation

Counsel with the Lord, Lani Axman

Prompted, Rebecca R.

A Surprise Breech, Cheryln

Between Life and Death, Valerie Christensen

And God Remembered Rachel, Natalie Holbrook

The Hourglass Theory, Courtney J. Kendrick

The Cesarean Choice, Sheridan Ripley

Bottom First, Katrina Anderson

Listening to the Spirit: A Spiritual Cesarean, Jennifer Y.

Chapter Four:  Patience

They That Wait upon the Lord, Heather Farrell

To All My Sisters Who Still Hope, Courtney J. Kendrick

Rejoicing after Recurrent Miscarriages, Meghan

Late, but Not Yet Ripe, Cindy Maw

In Good Hands, Sierra Cory

Chapter Five:  Preparation

Choice and Accountability, Robyn Allgood

If Ye are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear, Valerie Walker

Growing Faith, Nicole

Mother-Centered Baby Showers, Robyn Allgood

Showered with Love, Whitney J. Panton

Surrounded by Angels, Lani Axman

Emergency Preparedness, Lani Axman

Change of Plans, Tami Foytik

Resuscitating My Baby, Rixa Freeze

Building a Better Bond, Lani Axman

Creating a Sacred Cesarean Section, Sheridan Ripley

Chapter Six: Meditation

Meditation, Felice Austin

Pregnancy Visualizations, Rixa Freeze

My Mindfulness Journey, Rebecca Overson

The Breath of Life, Heather Farrell

My Mantra Meditation Journey, Felice Austin

Chapter Seven: The Spirit-Mind-Body Connection

The Spirit-Mind-Body Connection, Felice Austin

The Purpose of Life, Linda Burton King

Thoughts on Morning Sickness, Neoma Gould

Light, Peace, and Joy, Brittany Cromar

Constant Nourishment to Body and Spirit, Felice Austin

One Verse at a Time, Mindy Colin

Fairer and Fatter, Felice Austin

Nurturing My Spirit in the Barn, Sara

Chapter Eight: Fear

Three Categories of Fear, Felice Austin

Goddess in Embryo, Rebecca Overson

Close to Heaven, Kamille Larsen

The Dream, Tara M.

Faith, Felice Austin

Faith Precedes the Miracle, Martha Ware

Getting a Little Break, Carrie Hanna

Families Can Be Together Forever, Amanda Hughes

Power, Love and a Sound Mind, Sheridan Ripley

Chapter Nine: Pain

Categories of Pain, Felice Austin

Morning Sickness Miracle, Julie B.

The Original Sin, Heather Farley

Letting Go, Alisha

The Angel Standing By, Elizabeth Day

The Ultimate Form of Compassionate Service, Neoma Gould

Between Heaven and Earth, Heather Farrell

Travail and Joy, Heather Farrell

Swimming through Adversity, Natalie Willes

VBAC Miracle, Deanna M. Lamadrid-Jensen

Antepartum Depression, Lani Axman

Chapter Ten: The Atonement

Birth in Remembrance of Him, Robyn Allgood

My Angel in Gethsemane, Carol Vezzani

From Darkness to Light, Lara E.

Mary, Heather Farrell

I Know Her, Katy Rawlins

Repentance and Forgiveness, Felice Austin

Healing after Abortion, Kristin

Healing from Loss and Other Sorrows, Robyn Allgood

Hollowed or Hallowed?, Krista Cole Frederico

Prayer and the Lord’s Tender Mercies, S. Westover

Sixteen Pregnancies, Sarah Bobo

Healing from Traumatic Birth, Sheridan Ripley

Chapter Eleven: Unity

Strengthening Marriage during Pregnancy and Beyond, Felice Austin

Working Together, Jaime Wagner

A Sweetness I Never Expected, Kelley B.

A Father’s Sacred Support, Lani Axman

Gently at My Side, Eirene Henderson

Catching My Son, John D. Ellis

Unity with Providers of Care, Lani Axman

Helping Me Heal, Holly Young

Unity with Our Sisters, Lani Axman

Chapter Twelve: The Fourth Trimester

Line upon Line, Sheridan Ripley

How the Scriptures Helped Me Mother, Rebecca Gustafson Williams

Forty Days of Rest, Felice Austin

On Maternal Bondage, Melissa Burns

Blood, Breast Milk, and Living Water, Robyn Allgood

One More Try, Julie M.

Finding My Motherly Intuition, Meleah Ekstrand

Babywearing: Carried from the Womb, Robyn Allgood

Perspective on Postpartum Depression, Amy King

Diminishing Darkness, Tori Gollihugh

Healing from Sexual Abuse, Shantel Gardner

The Birth of a Mother, Erica England

The Society for Relief, Felice Austin

Elisabeth: Go before the Face of the Lord, Heather Farrell