2012 Virtual Book Tour Stops

Our Virtual Book Tour Stops

  1. May 14th – Enjoy Birth Blog (Interview with Felice Austin)
  2. May 15th – Progressive Prophetess (Interview with Meleah Ekstrand)
  3. May 16th – Birth Unplugged (Book Review)
  4. May 17th – Birth Faith (Interview with Robyn Allgood)
  5. May 18th – A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman (Book Review and interview with Heather Farrell)
  6. May 21st – MamaBirth (Book Review)
  7. May 23rd – Mandy Jane Designs (Book Review)
  8. May 24th – Mamas and Babies (Guest Post by Lani Axman)
  9. May 25th – We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ (Book Review)
  10. May 28th – Stand and Deliver (Guest Post by Sheridan Ripley)
  11. May 29th – The Gift of Giving Life (The Birth Story of Our Book! W/video)
  12. May 30th – Lioness at the Gate (Interview with Sheridan Ripley)
  13. May 31st – Chocolate on My Cranium (Guest Post by Sheridan Ripley)
  14. June 1st – Bonnie Blythe (Book Review)
  15. June 4th – The Exponent (Book Review)
  16. June 5th – Diapers From Divinity (Book Review)
  17. June 6th – Bits of Everything (Book Review)
  18. June 7th – Dizzlefig (Interview with Lani Axman)
  19. June 8th – Talk Birth (Interview with Sheridan Ripley)
  20. June 11th – Banned From Baby Showers (Guest Post by Robyn Allgood)
  21. June 12th – Tree of Life Mothering (Book Review)
  22. June 13th – Wet Oatmeal Kisses (Book Review by Tracy Ward)
  23. June 14th – My Life Herding Cats (Book Review)
  24. June 15th – Peaceful Birth Services (Book Review)
  25. June 17th – Segullah (Book Review)

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