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 This gives you a taste of what the book is like.

We Are Each Eve

We are all daughters of Eve.  How are modern women like her today?  Click here to read the excerpt.

Creating a Sacred Cesarean

In America over 30% of birthing moms will end up with a cesarean.  This section of the book was written to help moms create a sacred cesarean.   We decided to include almost the complete section (minus the birth stories), rather than an excerpt, in hopes that any mom in this situation can hopefully have a more positive birth. Click here to read this section.

Strengthening Marriage During Pregnancy and Beyond

Is your marriage baby-proofed? How can you improve  marriage during pregnancy? Click here to read this chapter.

Counsel with the Lord

The right path isn’t always the logical path, or the easy path, or the path we had envisioned, but God’s guidance will always be in our best interest.  I pray that we may all become wise women, building our houses upon the rock of the Lord’s perfect counsel. Click here to read this section.

Blood, Breast Milk and Living Water

What does breastfeeding have to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Click here to read more about the beautiful gospel symbolism expressed while nursing our little ones.