Gifts for You

Access to the Gift of Giving Life Course

how to access course for free

It is hosted on my online school

– so you will need to create an account to access it,

but here is the link to sign up for free!

Guided Meditation

A wonderful resource for our readers is a Free Guided Meditation that Felice recorded.

I love listening to it, it is so relaxing and uplifting.

Relaxed, Peaceful, Divine

Right click to download to your computer!

Blessing Way Guide

We have a PDF for you to download with 14 Steps to Create a Wonderful Blessingway!

4 thoughts on “Gifts for You”

  1. There is a pink bar on the right sidebar titled Get Free Spiritual Birth Tips and Meditation. Under that you can enter your name and e-mail! 🙂 Then you will get a link to the meditation e-mailed to you.

  2. Elisa Skidmore

    I am loving this book. It has helped me to catch the vision that I always believed in, that motherhood is divine. I am expecting my third, and this book is one tool that is helping me be excited to give birth, and I am also hoping to apply these mindful principles as I become a mother to three and make that adjustment.

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