An Interview with Sheridan at LATG

Our next stop on our blog tour is with Emily at Lioness at the Gate.  She has shared one of her birth stories with us in the past.  She also offered a few of her own thoughts about the book while also posting an interview with Sheridan on her blog,

The book includes many birth stories.  I’ve quite enjoyed reading them; I’ve never found so many all in one place (other than the Internet, but that’s not bound in book form).  It’s odd that half of humankind has the capacity to give birth, yet we often fail to share our birth stories.  Perhaps it’s because it is so common; perhaps it’s because it’s so intimate.  Perhaps the Adversary makes us feel embarrassed about sharing, and then we forget the beauty of the process of life.  Then, he substitutes worldly beauty for the divine gift of life and women don’t want to birth anymore.  Books like this can help us remember the beauty of pregnancy and birth.  We can remember what makes us different from men.