Holy Ghost

Where the Wild Things Are

Doing what’s right is often unconventional. When in Rome, at-one with Christ regardless of what the Romans are doing. If people call you a “witch” because of it, respond, “I’m not a witch, I’m a wild woman!” And take heart that Enoch’s probably virtually/spiritually fist-bumping you.

Born Again

Looking back, I can recognize pivotal times of transition throughout my life when I moved from a lower to a higher plane. Sometimes the process was relatively painless, but other times it was steep and intense. The end result was always the same, however: joy. Every time we are born again, our capacity for joy is heightened.

A Glimpse of Heaven

A Glimpse of Heaven covers more than just JoAnna’s brief visit to heaven. It also contains other powerful spiritual experiences, including several pre-birth experiences with her soon-to-be children.

“Your family is complete”

There was a time during my fifth pregnancy when I couldn’t see an end to my baby creating. I wanted to have as many children as my body could carry. I truly wanted to leave the decision of the number of children I had to the Lord. I was willing to have 9 or more if that was what He wanted. I never wanted to be done.

Turning My Heart

When my second child was a toddler, and we ventured headlong into the “terrible twos,” I found myself devoid of any desire to have another baby. The adversary had been working on me. Each day felt like a battle to find joy and fulfillment in motherhood. Satan whispered negative thoughts to me, persuading me that I wasn’t fit to take on any more children, that we couldn’t possibly afford any more children, that the world would look down on me for having more, that two was definitely more than enough. . . .